As of the 1st of September 2018, all trades made between players will be viewable on this page by anyone.

The page will update automatically every few seconds.
Completed Trades
Player 1 Player 2 Estimated Trade Value View Trade
Bluby Callout 4 Me 2.3m View
Bluby Callout 4 Me 360 View
Callout 4 Me Bluby 50.0m View
Callout 4 Me Bluby 50.0m View
Mario64 Matt 153.1m View
Poro King1 Matt 20.3m View
Matt Blackterror 318.0m View
Darkestfury Matt 318.0m View
Matt Queen Mie 213.8m View
Gree Skillz 3.5m View
Matt Poro King1 100.0m View
Poro King1 Matt 71.1m View
Gree Blackterror 293k View
Gree Blackterror 4.6m View
Gree Blackterror 75,144 View
Gree Blackterror 150.0m View
Gree Blackterror 213.8m View
Gree Blackterror 15,905 View
Gree Blackterror 137.9m View
Scruberaser Gree 670.1m View
Matt Alex 2,855 View
Matt Tito V2 750k View
Matt Tito V2 2,855 View
Matt Scruberaser 98.0m View
Gree Scruberaser 952.3m View
Poro King1 Aoiyami 271.5m View
Matt Skillz 2.15b View
Alex Skillz 857.4m View
Matt Skillz 243.8m View
Matt Tmannrocks13 250.0m View
Matt Grace 646.8m View
Ikushz Rami 11.7m View
Thegilly Gappy714 971k View
Thegilly Gappy714 1.9m View
Thegilly Gappy714 590k View
I Am Alive Originaldk 45.8m View
I Am Alive Originaldk 180.6m View
Thegilly I Am Alive 23.6m View
Thegilly Gappy714 20.7m View
Thegilly Gappy714 3,560 View
Thegilly Gappy714 1.0m View
Lightsaber L Originaldk 5.1m View
Matt Tito V2 1.65b View
Momo Tizyo 2.1m View
Matt Hero Ween 2.94b View
Kylerj3 Matt 500.0m View
Alex Matt 69 View
Alex Matt 69 View
Kylerj3 Matt 69 View
Kylerj3 Matt 69.0m View
Matt Babel 98.3m View
Gm Matt 10,000 View
Matt Swamp 220.0m View
Matt Swamp 850.0m View
Matt Swamp 3.0b View
Matt Tito V2 2.49b View
Matt Momo 200.0m View
Skillz Rami 2.4m View
Goldenboy Skillz 2.4m View
Tito V2 Gm 250.0m View
Tito V2 Gm 543.1m View
Matt Twistedfist 266.9m View
Your Dad Matt 4.0b View
Oneda Gamer4life 8.6m View
Matt Tito V2 669.8m View
Alexlegit Matt 300.0m View
Matt Tito V2 2.0b View
Alex Tito V2 1.63b View
Alex Tito V2 2 View
Alex Tito V2 1.63b View
Matt Hero Ween 111.9m View
Matt Hero Ween 111.7m View
Tito V2 Swamp 700.0m View
Swamp Tito V2 921.3m View
Swamp Hero Ween 323.5m View
Matt Tito V2 488.8m View
Matt Tito V2 2.15b View
Matt Kylerj3 69 View
Alex Matt 1.04b View
Matt Kylerj3 437.4m View
Matt Kylerj3 153.1m View
Kylerj3 Matt 100.0m View
Heist Matt 20.0m View
Heist Lap 54.8m View
Heist Matt 325.9m View
Last Uchiha Purplesweetz 1.07b View
Last Uchiha Purplesweetz 328.7m View
Matt Skillz 435.5m View
Matt Skillz 1.5b View
Matt Skillz 1.07b View
Matt Darkestfury 900 View
Matt Darkestfury 1.04b View
Matt Kylerj3 213.8m View
Daddy Skillz Alex 987.9m View
Lennojx Matt 700.0m View
Lennojx Matt 69.0m View
Matt Daddy Skillz 69 View
Matt Skillz 1.01b View
Allie Boo Zerotwo 5.0m View
Darkestfury Allie Boo 150k View
Zerotwo Darkestfury 147.9m View
Matt Darkestfury 1.13b View
Killajeffa Skillz 1.92b View
Gree Darkestfury 500k View
Crews75 Acehole 798k View
Zerotwo Darkestfury 36.5m View
Matt Swamp 200.0m View
Grimlocks Dannyce 75 View
Dannyce Matt 20.0m View
Matt Grimlocks 800.0m View
Dannyce Tito V2 583k View
Matt Grace 370.6m View
Zerotwo Grace 800.0m View
S Killer Grace 1.59b View
Ticket64 Herblore99 56.0m View
Slayzz Zerotwo 5.0m View
Mario64 Zerotwo 2.15b View
Grace Slayzz 14.7m View
S Killer Grace 900.0m View
S Killer Grace 1.23b View
Braum Divinex 20.0m View
S Killer Rapunzel 11.7m View
Rapunzel Grace 107.5m View
Grace S Killer 100.0m View
Braum Grace 100.0m View
Braum Grace 225.0m View
Grace S Killer 100 View
Hexavash Grace 6.83b View
Braum Swamp 225.0m View
Matt Swamp 1.39b View
Braum Swamp 100.0m View
Hexavash Grace 963.0m View
Ticket64 Herblore99 3.3m View
Hexavash Master Jens 400.0m View
Matt Queen Mie 2.21b View
Matt Hexavash 111.7m View
Aoiyami Grace 186.6m View
Flamekitteh Grace 1.97b View
Hexavash Skillz 100.0m View
Hexavash Matt 87 View
Master Jens Grace 680.0m View
Master Jens Grace 53.0m View
Grace Master Jens 600.0m View
Matt Queen Mie 2.5b View
Swamp Skillz 400.0m View
Matt Samurixxxx 310.6m View
Skillz Gm 300.0m View
Skillz Gm 800.0m View
Matt Gm 82.7m View
Matt Skillz 2.15b View
Matt Skillz 373.6m View
Matt Skillz 591.8m View
Alexlegit Skillz 500.0m View
Alexlegit Grace 705.0m View
Skillz Grace 553.6m View
Mario64 Grace 94.9m View
Matt Grace 478.9m View
Matt Gm 991.1m View
Matt Samurixxxx 111.7m View
Matt Tito V2 1.16b View
Swamp Skillz 20.0m View
Tito V2 Skillz 112.0m View
Swamp Skillz 568.2m View
Swamp Tito V2 650.0m View
Grace Master Jens 700.0m View
Ticket64 Skillz 2.16b View
Matt Grace 1 View
Matt Skillz 1.73b View
Matt Skillz 18.7m View
Gree Matt 75.0m View
Swamp Matt 1.1b View
Gree Darkestfury 64.5m View
Zorco Darkestfury 50.0m View
Matt Swamp 2.15b View
Swamp Matt 2.15b View
Gree Matt 153.7m View
Matt Grace 1 View
Matt Grace 328.7m View
Gree Darkestfury 399k View
Darkestfury Mario64 36.5m View
Darkestfury Mario64 20.0m View
Matt Rwt 673.4m View
Grace Aoiyami 458.2m View
Zerotwo Matt 500.0m View
Matt Gm 5 View
Matt Gm 2.5b View
Gm Matt 2.5b View
Zerotwo Beatyourkids 100.0m View
Zerotwo Beatyourkids 10.6m View
Matt Tmannrocks13 1.0b View
Scum Grace 1.55b View
Duffas Grace 93.8m View
Beatyourkids Tmannrocks13 8 View
Matt Gm 2.0b View
Grace Gm 2.09b View
Skillz Gm 800.0m View
Skillz Gm 500.0m View
Matt Skillz 1.0b View
Gm Skillz 2.4b View
Grace Aoiyami 100.0m View
Matt Aoiyami 100.0m View
Grace Gm 6.85b View
Gm Grace 6.85b View
Grace Gm 59.4m View
Grace Gm 1.2b View
Grace Rapunzel 36.5m View
Grace Master Jens 844.2m View
Grace Aoiyami 1.38b View
Grace Aoiyami 27,200 View
Grace Aoiyami 1.38b View
Scum Grace 13.5m View
Scum Grace 1.37b View
Rapunzel Grace 2.88b View
Master Jens Grace 180.6m View
Scum Grace 19.5m View
Scum Rapunzel 2.88b View
Grace Scum 4.3b View
Matt Grace 650k View
Master Jens Grace 900.0m View
Grace Scum 1.37b View
Scum Grace 1.37b View
Grace Aoiyami 1.41b View
Grace Scum 9.0m View
Grace Aoiyami 1,000 View
Grace Aoiyami 1.37b View
Grace Aoiyami 737.9m View
Master Jens Grace 48.0m View
Zerotwo Master Jens 600.0m View
Grace Aoiyami 84,665 View
Benimaru Zerotwo 30.0m View
Aoiyami Master Jens 900.0m View
Aoiyami Grace 5,050 View
Aoiyami Grace 22,000 View
Master Jens Grace 32.6m View
Master Jens Grace 50.7m View
Grace Master Jens 50.6m View
Master Jens Benimaru 6.2m View
Matt Grace 271.5m View
Grace Matt 685.1m View
Master Jens Grace 669.8m View
Master Jens Grace 737.9m View
Master Jens Grace 250.0m View
Benimaru Grace 172.8m View
Grace Master Jens 600.0m View
Master Jens Grace 963.0m View
Grace Master Jens 583.6m View
Grace Master Jens 172.8m View
Master Jens Grace 431.0m View
Grace Gm 59.4m View
Grace Gm 6.5m View
Cowans Zetrunight 2.1m View
Zerotwo Queen Mie 700.0m View
Queen Mie Zerotwo 800.0m View
Matt Grace 472.0m View
Asbestos Tmannrocks13 128.7m View
Hero Ween Asbestos 370.0m View
Gamer4life Oneda 4.5m View
Oneda Gamer4life 100.0m View
Asbestos Zerotwo 1.18b View
Asbestos Swamp 544.3m View
Gamer4life Oneda 35,200 View
Matt Asbestos 223.0m View
Alex Tmannrocks13 1 View
Alex Tmannrocks13 205.0m View
Skillz Matt 500.0m View
Asbestos Zerotwo 20.0m View
Gamer4life Oneda 12.9m View
Matt Swamp 2.15b View
Highboss Zerotwo 5.0m View
Asbestos Renczia 172.8m View
Master Jens Queen Mie 1.0b View
Gamer4life Oneda 13,000 View
Matt Lynamator 238.8m View
Tito V2 Lynamator 950.0m View
Paragon Lynamator 1.26b View
Rzk Lynamator 25.1m View
Zerotwo Tito V2 1.0b View
Zerotwo Lynamator 407.2m View
Simen Master Jens 5.0m View
Matt Alex 2.5m View
Matt Mario64 1.0b View
Lightsaber L Grimlocks 1.87b View
Zerotwo Lynamator 327.0m View
Zerotwo Master Jens 540.0m View
Lynamator Master Jens 1.21b View
Swamp Matt 1,504 View
Side Chick Swamp 1,504 View
Lynamator Swamp 275.8m View
Skillz Lynamator 2 View
Alex Skillz 50 View
Alex Skillz 1,504 View
Alex Skillz 75 View
Lynamator Zerotwo 1.0b View
Lynamator Zerotwo 600.0m View
Zerotwo Lynamator 808.3m View
Lynamator Zerotwo 187k View
Pheonix909 Lynamator 187k View
Lynamator Matt 500.0m View
Lightsaber L Tmannrocks13 750 View
Tmannrocks13 Swamp 348k View
Matt Swamp 1.0b View
Swamp Skillz 1.82b View
Matt Swamp 2.0b View
Khaozing Swamp 100.0m View
Lynamator Swamp 200.0m View
Rzk Matt 1,600 View
Matt Lynamator 6 View
Skillz Lynamator 650.0m View
Paragon Matt 1.03b View
Lightsaber L Tmannrocks13 56.9m View
Tmannrocks13 Lynamator 591.4m View
Tmannrocks13 Lightsaber L 56.9m View
Zerotwo Lynamator 1.1b View
Paragon Lynamator 600.0m View
Lynamator Master Jens 2.0b View
Paragon Lynamator 350.0m View
Master Jens Skillz 750.0m View
Master Jens Lynamator 2.0b View
Lethal Master Jens 2.85b View
Burnt Master Jens 400.0m View
Burnt Master Jens 984.1m View
Hero Ween Voidz 250.0m View
Tito V2 Swamp 300.0m View
Tito V2 Gohan 300.0m View
Elusive Hero Ween 7.2m View
Elusive Hero Ween 7.2m View
Elusive Hero Ween 7.2m View
Elusive Hero Ween 3.4m View
Elusive Hero Ween 3.4m View
Elusive Hero Ween 3.4m View
Elusive Hero Ween 3.4m View
Hero Ween Voidz 132.1m View
Hero Ween Matt 20.0m View
Lynamator Voidz 144.8m View
Matt Swamp 719.7m View
Lynamator Master Jens 2.06b View
Lynamator Master Jens 150.0m View
Bluby Aeshyra 289.2m View
Lynamator Zerotwo 55.0m View
Zerotwo Lynamator 550.0m View
Lynamator Zerotwo 10.5m View
Tito V2 Lynamator 550.0m View
Lynamator Zerotwo 55.0m View
Swamp Lynamator 2.0b View
Zerotwo Lynamator 15,905 View
Zerotwo Lynamator 1.41b View
Lynamator Rzk 3.2m View
Lynamator Master Jens 60.0m View
Lynamator Swamp 55,550 View
Rzk Lynamator 27,540 View
Matt Skillz 77.8m View
Master Jens Shrimpzilla 25.9m View
Khaozing Master Jens 5.0m View
Darkestfury Gohan 887.5m View
Lynamator Darkestfury 543k View
Shrimpzilla Master Jens 450.0m View
Legend Luci Master Jens 407.2m View
Blackterror Swamp 87.8m View
Master Jens Swamp 450 View
Lynamator Master Jens 350.0m View
Zerotwo Lynamator 350.0m View
Shrimpzilla Swamp 52.0m View
Flocka Tv Swamp 425.0m View
Flocka Tv Swamp 274.9m View
Flocka Tv Swamp 61.4m View
Lynamator Master Jens 1.18b View
Master Jens Lynamator 1.18b View
More Tea Lynamator 13.2m View
Swamp More Tea 5.8m View
Alexlegit Swamp 750.0m View
Zorco Blackterror 91.5m View
Ticket64 Zerotwo 2.09b View
Alex Grimlocks 380.0m View
Zorco Lynamator 373.7m View
Matt Rzk 156.2m View
Huehue Lynamator 197.2m View
Skillz Momo 40.0m View
Matt Skillz 250.0m View
Matt Huehue 1 View
Matt Huehue 164.4m View
Matt Lynamator 1 View
Alexlegit Matt 2,253 View
Gm Matt Alexlegit 2,253 View
Alex Matt 1 View
Gree Blackterror 37.0m View
Gree Blackterror 20,010 View
Zorco Blackterror 36.5m View
Blackterror Low Ro 36.5m View
Alexlegit Low Ro 600.0m View
Zerotwo Gm Groovy 748 View
Zerotwo Gm Groovy 120.0m View
Momo Zerotwo 120.2m View
Zerotwo Low Ro 222.4m View
Zerotwo Gm Groovy 119.1m View
Dark11997 Zerotwo 1.2b View
Bluby Zerotwo 650.0m View
Zerotwo Gm Groovy 36.5m View
Dark11997 Zerotwo 65.0m View
Master Blaze Master Jens 1.9m View
Raging Fire Low Ro 1.3b View
Matt Kakoena 1.0b View
Matt Skillz 5.04b View
Kakoena Iron Cookie 2.9b View
Kakoena Iron Cookie 10.91b View
Damon Kakoena 10.91b View
Zerotwo Damon 650.0m View
Zerotwo Gm Groovy 23.6m View
Dark11997 Low Ro 3.8b View
Kakoena Low Ro 1.0b View
Groovy Low Ro 15.0m View
Matt Swamp 1.69b View
Leyla Zerotwo 1.79b View
Kakoena Zerotwo 55.1m View
Kakoena Leyla 54.5m View
Kakoena Leyla 205.2m View
Zerotwo Dark11997 75 View
Leyla Zerotwo 15.0m View
Matt Skillz 5.04b View
Alexlegit Matt 2.9m View
Darkgm Zerotwo 250.0m View
Swamp Leyla 150k View
Groovy Swamp 10.0m View
Zerotwo Low Ro 1.44b View
Swamp Low Ro 1.2b View
Leyla Low Ro 24.0m View
Zerotwo Low Ro 120.0m View
Leyla Low Ro 200.0m View
Zerotwo Leyla 6.1m View
Momo Zerotwo 198.3m View
Leyla Momo 20.0m View
Leyla Momo 1.0m View
Momo Leyla 7.9m View
Dark11997 Momo 137.7m View
Zerotwo Momo 2.79b View
Alex Leyla 541.9m View
Alexlegit Low Ro 1.03b View
Zerotwo Low Ro 1.0b View
Zerotwo Low Ro 1.0b View
Alexlegit Low Ro 734.7m View
Matt Skillz 4.0b View
Alex Voidz 1.0b View
Voidz Leyla 30.0m View
Low Ro Master Jens 247k View
Low Ro Momo 800.0m View
Raging Fire Low Ro 2.0b View
Matt Leyla 41.2m View
Matt Zerotwo 16 View
Leyla Zerotwo 7.0m View
Leyla Low Ro 62.5m View
Low Ro Leyla 132.6m View
Matt Derpdiederp 1.99b View
Jeba Derpdiederp 828.6m View
Thsilverhand Master Jens 4.0m View
Zerotwo Matt 230.0m View
Alexlegit Matt 403.1m View
Master Jens Leyla 336.4m View
Master Jens Zerotwo 647.7m View
Pheonix909 Master Jens 647.7m View
Tito V2 Master Jens 600.0m View
Raging Fire Matt 4.0b View
Elusive Skillz 3.87b View
Skillz Swamp 900.0m View
Alexlegit Matt 1,504 View
Master Jens Zerotwo 100.0m View
Matt Skillz 1.25b View
Matt Skillz 500.0m View
Daddy Skillz Matt 1,504 View
Zerotwo Master Jens 600.0m View
Raging Fire Zerotwo 20.0m View
Zerotwo Raging Fire 1.9m View
Master Jens Tito V2 2.02b View
Raging Fire Matt 10.0m View
Raging Fire Alexlegit 20.0m View
Matt Skillz 60.0m View
Raging Fire Jeba 59.5m View
Side Chick Skillz 50.9m View
Raging Fire Your Dad 1 View
Matt Daddy Skillz 16.1m View
Matt Skillz 6.7m View
Matt Skillz 19.1m View
Matt Low Ro 200 View
High Ro Matt 200 View
Matt Low Ro 1 View
Momo Low Ro 200.0m View
Deckiiean Low Ro 2.2b View
Deckiiean Low Ro 6.5b View
Low Ro Deckiiean 2.12b View
Deckiiean Low Ro 1.35b View
Low Ro Deckiiean 2.12b View
Furry Matt 300 View
Alexlegit Matt 10.0m View
Matt Skillz 600.0m View
Raging Fire Matt 748.0m View
Raging Fire Zerotwo 2.8b View
Mario64 Matt 1.1b View
Skillz Matt 1 View
Matt Skillz 2 View
Swamp Matt 75.0m View
Matt Skillz 1.25b View
Your Dad Matt 2 View
Pathetic Mario64 266.7m View
Pathetic Mario64 600.0m View
Matt Pathetic 1 View
Matt Pathetic 59.4m View
Dark11997 Deckiiean 2.0b View
Master Jens Deckiiean 40.0m View
Master Jens Deckiiean 40.0m View
Raging Fire Voidz 600.0m View
Your Dad Raging Fire 622.3m View
Raging Fire Elusive 300.0m View
Matt Elusive 2.71b View
Raging Fire Master Jens 500.0m View
Raging Fire Matt 2.21b View
Master Jens Thsilverhand 1.07b View
Raging Fire Mario64 500.0m View
Raging Fire Mario64 100.0m View
Deckiiean Dark11997 2.0b View
Dark11997 Deckiiean 2.0b View
Raging Fire Pathetic 2.0b View
Raging Fire Pathetic 1.84b View
Raging Fire Pathetic 421.1m View
Raging Fire Pathetic 255.5m View
Raging Fire Skillz 1.5b View
Pathetic Matt 701.0m View
Raging Fire Pathetic 2.72b View
Skillz Voidz 1 View
Raging Fire Matt 3.79b View
Raging Fire Voidz 3 View
Raging Fire Skillz 2.9m View
Skillz Alex 2,256 View
Zerotwo Master Jens 400.0m View
Raging Fire Pathetic 454.3m View
Raging Fire Master Jens 200.0m View
Raging Fire Master Jens 250.0m View
Raging Fire Master Jens 737.9m View
Raging Fire Master Jens 2.44b View
Master Jens Voidz 2.0b View
Master Jens Voidz 579.4m View
Undaunted Master Jens 579.4m View
Raging Fire Pathetic 249.7m View
Carnahgeo Flamekitteh 400 View
Flamekitteh Batmanmercy 39,909 View
Skillz Deckiiean 136.6m View
Deckiiean Skillz 153.4m View
Skillz Matt 40.0m View
Alexlegit Alex 27,540 View