If the client doesn't load follow the steps below

  • Download both the Auto-Updating Client and the Alternate Client.
  • Go into your anti-virus settings by right clicking the tray icon at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Look around the settings panel for a tab or option named 'Exclusions' or 'Exceptions'.
  • Once you've found it, click the option to 'Add an exception'.
  • Click the browse button and go to 'C:/Users/YourUser/'.
  • Click once on the 'Ateria' folder (if it exists) and choose that folder to exclude.
  • Follow the same method to add an exception as before.
  • Click the browse button and go to the path where you saved the client. This is normally in your Downloads folder (C:/Users/YourUser/Downloads/).
  • Double click the client and an exception will be added.
If you're still having issues after following the steps above, either temporary disable your anti-virus or join our discord server and ask for a hand.