Last modified: 7th February 2017

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Getting Started

These are the possible Punishments that can be issued to your account if you were to break a rule, the handling staff will be given the permission to use the punishment they see fit at their discretion to contain the situation.

What Punishments can I recieve on my account?

We hope that you do not recieve any punishments while here at Ateria, however there are some players that like to push their boundries and need to be dealt with accordingly. If you are one of those players, here is a list of possible Punishments you can recieve on your account if you were to break a rule.

Low Severity
  • Warning (blackmark)
  • Non-official Warning. (Verbal Warning)
  • Sent Home
  • 24 Hour Jail

  • Medium Severity
  • 48 hour Mute
  • 48 hour IP Mute
  • 48 hour Trade Ban
  • 48 hour Ban

  • High Severity
  • Permanent Mute
  • Permanent IP Mute
  • Permanent Trade Ban
  • Permanent Ban
  • Permanent IP/Mac Ban
  • Account Deleted
  • Account Reset
  • All your accounts deleted or reset if you have more than 1.

  • Please note that: Multiple Low Severity punishments can lead to a Medium Severity punishment, same applies to Multiple Medium Severity punishments can lead to a High Severity punishments.
    For Example: instead of being Jailed twice, you might recieve a 48 hour ban.