How to Appeal

Last modified: 7th February 2017

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Getting Started

Before you make an attempt to appeal your Punishment(s), please read the Eligible to Appeal section, this will inform you whether your account is appealable or not. We would appreciate it if players took the time to read this section before attempting to appeal an unappealable punishment as it will waste our senior staff members time otherwise.

Once you have made yourself familiar with that section, please continue to read below.

What information do I need to Appeal?

When submitting an appeal, you will need to provide the following information:

  • The username of the account in question
  • Your Age
  • When the punishment was issued
  • Who issued the punishment
  • What was the reason you believe you received the punishment
  • Why do you feel the punishment should be reverted

  • This information will help us to get the best possible outcome for you, as we can correspond with the handling staff member to understand their reasoning for the Punishment(s) issued, as well as your reasoning for why you think you recieved these punishment(s).
    If the punishment was issued a while ago, the section on 'Why do you feel the punishment should be reverted' will give you the chance to put your thoughts forward on why the appeal should be approved. Please do not use this section as a chance to slander staff members on their judgement.

    Where do I Submit an Appeal?

    You are able to submit an Appeal using the Forums ' Ticket System ', however, before doing so please continue to read this page as it may come in handy to make a successful appeal.

    Once you are ready to submit an Appeal, make sure to select the correct Department in the Ticket System, otherwise your Appeal will be refused.
    The correct Department to select is 'Appeal'.

    I have Submitted an Appeal, now what?

    Once you have submitted your appeal, please allow up to 72 hours to receive a response.
    You will not receive a response in-game, the response will be as a reply to the Ticket submitted.
    Do not hassle staff asking them to read your Appeal, be patient and wait for a repsonse.

    REMEMBER: You are only permitted to submit one appeal per punishment, so make the appeal count.

    My Appeal was Denied, now what?

    Unfortunately, you are only permitted to Appeal a punishment once. Please do not submit another appeal regarding the same Punishment, it will be instantly refused and an infraction will be issued on the forums.

    If you are appealing a banned account, please do not demand for your items to be transfered onto a new account, the items associated with that account will be lost, you will need to start again, this includes items and ranks donated for. Do not repeat the same mistakes on your new account!