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Item Name GE Price Amount Remaining Type
Shadow Dye1,999,240,0325Selling
Battle-mage gloves1,410,000,0003Selling
Armadyl godsword165,000,0001Selling
Drygore mace1,363,609,8734Selling
Vengeful kiteshield20,000,0002Selling
Tectonic robe bottoms (Shadow)630,000,0003Selling
Pure essence850,000,06211Selling
Chaotic crossbow32,000,0004Buying
Sirenic chaps600,000,0002Selling
Dragon hunter frame350,000,0003Selling
Ganodermic poncho15,000,0001Buying
Raw rocktail10,0001,736Selling
Elite Virtus mask118,551,7051Selling
Pernix chaps (ice)43,033,7971Selling
Elite Virtus robe top106,950,1051Selling
Torva platebody (fire)141,011,4561Selling
Elite Virtus robe legs111,699,9641Selling
Loop half of a key541,074,8866Buying
Green Santa hat6,000,000,0004Buying
Regen bracelet1,500,202,0002Selling
Fury shark35,000112Selling
Drygore mace250,000,0001Selling
Tectonic robe top700,000,0001Buying
Frost dragon bones1,129,595,6392,501Selling
Shadow Dye585,000,0001Selling
Virtus mask (fire)59,918,2291Selling
Off-hand drygore longsword (Shadow)813,008,4662Selling
Gorajian mushroom8020Selling
Polypore spore8,1504,100Selling
Basket of eggs150,000,0001Selling
Gnome scarf1,000,0001Selling