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Item Name GE Price Amount Remaining Type
Steadfast boots500,000,0001Selling
Torva platelegs (fire)124,060,3411,002Buying
Fury shark35,0004,000Buying
Chaotic crossbow32,000,0004Buying
Staff of light126,680,3223Selling
Superior dragon bones1,000,0001Selling
Off-hand drygore longsword (Shadow)600,000,0001Selling
Gnome scarf1,000,0001Selling
Dragon hunter frame410,000,0004Selling
Drygore mace250,000,0001Selling
Regen bracelet1,500,202,0002Selling
Tectonic robe bottoms831,441,6286Buying
Wyvern bones475,050,00036Buying
Tectonic robe top1,925,000,0004Buying
Dragon pickaxe10,000,0001Buying
Frost dragon bones1,450,320,00094Selling
Divine spirit shield1,000,000,0001Buying
Battle-mage robe legs2,000,000,0002Buying
Light mystic robes set7,352,1864Buying
Pernix cowl (fire)68,700,7331Buying
Blue h'ween mask150,000,0001Selling
Fury shark30,0004,137Buying
Red h'ween mask200,750,000244Selling
White partyhat600,000,0001Buying
Patreon Tokens1,150,00049Selling
Frost dragon bones600,0002,500Selling
Korasi's sword1,128,995,6391Selling
Tectonic energy194,6987Selling
Tectonic energy278,80867Selling