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Item Name GE Price Amount Remaining Type
Gnome scarf1,000,0001Selling
Dragon bones150,0001,387Selling
Inferno adze209,029,6841Selling
Cursed magic logs12,000562Selling
Saradomin godsword100,000,0004Selling
Battle-mage robe3,500,000,0002Selling
Spirit shield412,500,0003Selling
Glaiven boots150,000,0001Buying
Ragefire boots1,487,337,3372Selling
Basket of eggs150,000,0001Selling
Black Santa hat2,000,140,0001,079Selling
Red chinchompa10,0003,262Buying
Paladin boots175,000,0001Selling
Bandos boots10,000,0001Buying
Saradomin sword10,000,0001Selling
Tectonic energy1,031,8912Selling
Vesta's chainbody10,000,0001Selling
Gilded dragon pickaxe100,000,0002Selling
Drygore longsword385,000,0002Buying
Twisted bow1,753,000,0001Buying
Spirit shards1,800,000,0001Selling
Malevolent energy196,9242,761Selling
White robin hood hat20,000,0001Selling
Wizard robe skirt (t)2,000,010,0001,540Selling