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Updates 03/02/2018

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Bug Fixes & General Improvements

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    • Daily Challenges
      • Fixed issues meaning you couldn't progress / complete impling, rune dart, arrowhead, chainbody and platebody challenges.
      • Daily challenges now increment correctly with extra fish caught by the master fisherman perk.
      • Fixed a bug causing daily challenges to null if you were 400m in all skills for that section.
    • Your cosmetic graphical effect can now be changed or disabled by talking to the Player Manager at home.
    • Fixed a bug caused by items kept on death interface.
    • Message when creating a boss instance now says the correct price you paid.
    • Sapphire general store price is now correct.
    • Quests now award the correct amount of sof spins.
    • When using a keybind for presets, the numbers are no longer typed as your message.
    • Kalphite queen teleport now takes you directly to the kalphite queen's lair.
    • Killcounts now work for kalphite queen + giant mole.
    • Fixed a bug allowing multiple boss spawns in instances when clicking the barrier between kills.
    • Fixed a bug causing godwars bosses to sometimes multi-spawn in instances.
    • Fixed a bug meaning potion timers would overwrite the familiar orb options everytime they counted down.
    • Warped tortoises and terrorbirds now have the correct animations.
    • Warped tortoise spawn time reduced to 30 seconds.
    • Donator weapons shop now says the correct donator token price when examining an item.
    • All bosses in instances will now be aggressive no matter where you're stood in the room.
    • Removed work in progress message when teleporting to slayer task.
    • You'll now be told what time your mute will expire in chat when attempting to send a message while muted.
    • Your familiar will now attack when you initiate an attack command.
    • Removed all 1hp zombies from the zombies minigame.
    • All skilling crates are now stackable.
    • Perfect rings can now be noted.
    • Overload (4)s and Overload flask (6)s can now be noted.




Server Updates

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    • XP Well
      • The XP Well now costs 250M gp to activate during the week and 325M GP to activate on weekends (it will also cost 325M for 5 hours prior to the Weekend start so you can't get it cheaper by activating it before the weekend begins.
    • PvM Points
      • All npcs killed with a combat level of over 100 now award you 5 PvM points.
      • KBD pvm points changed from 30 to 15 (60 to 30 during Double PvM Points).
      • Shop
        • Wolpertinger scroll now costs 4,000 points.
        • Steel titan scroll now costs 10,000 points.
        • Annihilation now costs 3,000 points.
        • Decimation now costs 4,000 points.
        • Obliteration now costs 5,000 points.
    • Smithing
      • Mithril, adamant and rune bars no longer require coal to be smelted into bars.
    • Crystal Keys
      • Crystal Key and Upgraded Crystal Key packs now have a discount depending on the one you buy. The higher cost the packs give you more free keys.
        • (10) gives you 1 free crystal key.
        • (25) gives you 3 free crystal keys.
        • (50) gives you 7 free crystal keys.
        • (100) gives you 15 free crystal keys.
    • Trivia Shops
      • Two new trivia shops have been added
        • More cosmetics
          • Hati head, hati paws and hati cloak.
          • Hallowed armour set
          • Unhallowed armour set
          • K'ril's godcrusher armour set
          • Beta scientist armour set
        • Partyhats, santas and hweens
          • Regular partyhats (3,000 points)
          • Recoloured santa hats & hweens (4,000 points)
          • Cyan partyhat (5,000 points)
          • Pink partyhat (6,000 points)
    • Donator store
      • Pink partyhat has been added (costs 4,000 donator tokens).
    • Bank presets
      • Bank presets have been added.
    • Glacors
      • Bug fixes
        • Fixed an issue meaning delay between attacks wouldn't always be the same.
        • Fixed issues causing projectiles to not always fly directly from the npc.
        • Smoothened out projectile timing from fire to hit.
        • No longer always uses ranged attack after using special attack.
      • Enduring, sapping and unstable glacytes have been removed.
      • Can now be instanced (Medium bosses -> Glacors).
      • Balance changes / new abilities
        • 5,000 HP -> 10,000 HP
        • Now have a 20% chance each attack to change phases from range to mage.
        • Mage Phase
          • Normal magic attack same as before.
          • Now has a 50% chance to instead hit multiple times with mage, dealing 40-80 damage each time.
        • Range phase
          • Normal range attack same as before.
          • Now has a 50% chance to instead hit multiple times with range, dealing 40-80 damage each time.
        • Empower
          • The glacor becomes empowered, dealing 25% more damage for the next 5 attacks. This applies to every tick of the multiple hit attacks in phases (every tick will apply that extra 25%).
    • Curses
      • Soulsplit
        • Prayer drain lowered slightly.
      • Turmoil
        • Drain rate increased.
        • Now correctly boosts attack and defence by 15% of the npc's combat level that you're fighting (this caps at +15, so the highest it can be is 30%).
        • Now correctly boosts strength by 10% of the npc's combat level that you're fighting (this caps at +10, so the highest it can be is 33%).
        • Now boosts ranged and magic by 15%.
    • Slayer Helmets
      • You can now upgrade the regular slayer helmet into a full slayer helmet with both a hexcrest and focus sight.
      • The regular slayer helmet now provides a 7.5% damage boost against slayer tasks and boss tasks.
      • The full slayer helmet now provides a 15% damage boost against slayer tasks.
    • Tokhaar Cape Bonus Changes
      • axUqHx8.png
      • 5pK2IwC.png
      • 5rGy9mW.png




Client Updates

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    • Several changes to prevent unofficial clients from connecting.
    • Notifications have been added and will be shown whenever you receive a private message, whenever a server update starts and whenever an error occurs. They can be toggled in the navigation bar.
    • Made several improvements to forum feedback (report a bug / submit a suggestion) system.
    • Client errors are now sent directly to me with information which led up to the issue and information about your CPU, Memory, Display Info and Operating System so the bugs can be fixed.
    • Fixed crash related to world map loading.
    • Fixed several crashes related to textures / player appearance.
    • You can now change your extra view distance in the navigation bar.
    • Improvements to software / safe mode graphics dependencies.
    • Several software / safe mode crash fixes.
    • Fixed crash when clicking wilderness obelisks on software mode.
    • Fixed crash related to verifying operating system on login when on osx version 10.6 and lower (snow leopard).
    • Fixed crash related to parsing/displaying interfaces.
    • Fixed crash related to displaying skill level up fireworks.




Website Updates

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    • Updated the look of the topic sidebar.
    • Fixed a formatting issue with the bar below signatures / posts.
    • Added new reactions.
    • Highscores game mode filtering now works correctly.
    • Highscores skill ordering now works correctly.
    • Staff applications and ticket system have been totally re-done.



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