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Updates 06/01/2018

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If you'd like to view all the updates as soon as they're done, join our discord server:)


Bug Fixes & General Improvements

  • Daily Challenges
    • You can no longer get daily challenges in skills you have 400m xp in. If you have 400m xp in all skills chosen for one challenge, it'll be a random challenge for a random skill out of that section instead.
    • Burning logs with an inferno adze now counts towards firemaking challenges.
    • Fixed a bug meaning you couldn't get slayer daily challenges.
    • Fixed a bug meaning you couldn't progress / complete crimson swift challenges.
  • Glacors
    • Magic attack no longer has a chance to freeze you.
    • Reflected damage from explosion lowered - your hp * 0.9 -> your hp * 0.75.
  • Your actual summoning level is now used when checking if you're able to create a summoning pouch (instead of the first level). So you can now make pouches if your summoning is drained.
  • Skilling supplies npc now spawns at the skilling zone.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to get stuck in the tutorial.
  • Accounts are now locked automatically after too many failed player pin attempts.
  • Offensive usernames are now blocked from creating an account.
  • Multi-logging in the wilderness now results in a 1 hour ban the first time as a warning for the future, then 24 hours, then permanent.
  • Your forum rank now updates when you type ::donated.
  • Oldschool dragonfire shield now works against dragonfire.
  • Extreme ranging / magic timers are no longer assigned incorrectly to each other.


Server Updates

  • Daily Challenges
    • You now get an extra 7,500-12,500gp per level you have in the skill related to the challenge. EG If you were level 99 in the skill you had the challenge for, you'd be awarded an extra 742,500-1,237,500 gp for completing the challenge. This also scales up to level 120.
    • Your daily challenges can now be seen in the quest tab.
  • Construction
    • Added Bank Chests - You can make bank chests in the games room of your poh.
  • Achievements
    • The following achievements have been removed:
      • Catch 10 implings
      • Kill 300 madara
      • Kill 25 rock crabs
      • Kill 25 yaks
  • Potion Timers
    • Potion timers have been added! - You can change the side of the screen they're on by toggling on / off private chat in chatbox.


Client Updates

  • Performance improvements.
  • Updated client icon to the latest one.


Website Updates

  • Improvements to page load time for most pages.

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Why are you making Comp (t) easier to get, should be made harder since you don't need to get 120 dg for comp anymore like you used to, and you can wear comp if you switch modes even if you get it on an easier mode then switch to the harder ones it doesn't make you redo some of the achieves like before

Edited by Mayumiki

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Needed space for the daily challenges on the tasks interface.

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Nice stuff. 9_9

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