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Updates 31/12/2017

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Bug Fixes & General Improvements

  • 16th December
    • Fixed an issue meaning people with VirtualBox/VMWare installed wouldn't be able to login (Unexpected server response).
  • 20th December
    • You can now buy dungeoneering xp in return for tokens (xp : token ratio depends on game mode).
    • Your familiar now dies when prestiging.
    • Making overloads no longer consumes two of the extreme potion you clicked on.
  • 30th December
    • Fixed a bug causing daily challenges to null.
    • Runecrafting challenges now progress / complete correctly.
    • Fixed a bug causing donator dailies to cause an infinite loop when trying to decide on your daily challenge for that slot, causing it to null.
    • Mining challenges now progress / complete correctly.
  • 31st December
    • Your actual summoning level is now used when checking if you're able to create a summoning pouch (instead of the first level). So you can now make pouches if your summoning is drained.
    • Skilling supplies npc now spawns at the skilling zone.


Server Updates

  • 30th December
    • Clue scrolls now show the interface with the loot you received when opening the casket.
    • Daily challenges have been added!
      • You can now get daily challenges (which reset 24 hours after you login) for all skills except Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic and Hitpoints.
      • Completing challenges rewards you with experience + 2-3m gp + three random supply crates (same crates as on squeal of fortune).
      • Talk to the Daily Challenger at home to check your dailies or turn them in.
      • If you don't turn in your dailies before the new dailies are set, your old rewards will be lost so remember to turn them in.
      • The experience you receive is in the skill the challenge was for.
  • 31st December
    • Daily Challenges
      • Fixed a bug meaning you couldn't progress / complete challenges to mine x clay.
      • You now get an extra 7,500-12,500 GP per level you have in the skill related to the challenge. EG If you were level 99 in the skill you had the challenge for, you'd be awarded an extra 742,500-1,237,500 GP for completing the challenge. This also scales up to level 120.
      • Balance Changes
        • Construction
          • Crude wooden chairs amount increased -> 40-60.
          • Oak larders amount increased -> 15-25.
        • Firemaking
          • Cursed magic logs amount increased -> 70-140.
        • Hunter
          • Red chinchompas amount decreased -> 70-140.
        • Mining
          • Copper/tin/clay amount decreased -> 40-60.
          • Iron amount decreased -> 45-75.
          • Coal amount decreased -> 50-80.
          • Mithril amount decreased -> 55-85.
          • Adamant amount decreased -> 60-95.
          • Rune amount decreased -> 65-100.
        • Runecrafting
          • Air/mind amount increased -> 175-225.
          • Water amount increased -> 200-250.
          • Earth amount increased -> 225-275.
          • Fire amount increased -> 250-300.
          • Body amount increased -> 275-325.
          • Cosmic amount increased -> 300-350.
          • Chaos amount increased -> 325-375.
          • Astral amount increased -> 350-400.
          • Nature amount increased -> 375-425.
          • Law amount increased -> 400-450.
          • Death amount increased -> 425-475.
          • Blood amount increased -> 450-500.
        • Drop Table
          • A custom 'weighted' drop system's been used so the chances below are 100% accurate, but remember it's still random chance.
          • You get three hits on this table everytime you open a daily challenge casket.
          • Common [52.63% Chance)
            • Construction crate (small)
            • Crafting crate (small)
            • Farming crate (small)
            • Herblore crate (small)
            • Smithing crate (small)
            • Summoning crate (small)
          • Uncommon [31.55% Chance)
            • Same crates as above but all (large)
          • Rare [10.54% Chance)
            • Crystal Keys (1-2)
          • Very rare [5.26% Chance)
            • Crystal Keys (3-4)


Client Updates

  • 10th December
    • Freezes should no longer be noticeable on memory saving mode.
    • Added the option to turn off memory saving mode by going to Client -> Toggle memory saving mode.
  • 21st December
    • Memory saving mode should no longer cause instability / lag if you go afk in one area for an extended period of time.
    • Memory saving mode no longer triggers with most interfaces (faster opening bank, etc).
    • Improvements to packet encryption.
    • You'll now receive a message instead of 'invalid loginserver requested' if you try logging in with a username longer than 12 characters.
  • 30th December
    • Fixed an issue causing the client to crash (depending on hardware) when resizing to / from fullscreen-windowed mode. (This isn't to fix the actual fullscreen option in graphics settings, by fullscreen-windowed I mean when you click the button to minimize/maximize the client window size)


Website Updates

  • 21st December
    • Account recovery tool is now an executable + improved the process for what you need to do.
  • 25th December
    • Forum theme should now load all of the images correctly.

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