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Updates 7/10/2017

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These are all of the updates dating back from the 18th of September (there were an update thread between these two a week or so ago, but the forums were rolled back a couple of hours later when we changed the website host).


If you'd like to view all the updates as soon as they're done, join our discord server:)


Updates since the 29th of September:


Bug Fixes & General Improvements

  • Fixed a bug meaning aterian would hit one person with every ranged attack if there were multiple people in the room instead of attacking each person once.
  • Fixed a bug causing an issue with the 10 billion experience cape when equipped.
  • 5th / 15th prestige shops now have the correct shop names.
  • Fixed an issue meaning players could (very rarely) get the 'ateria has been updated' message when trying to login due to corrupted cache.
  • All chat colours changed via the in-game settings are now saved correctly on logout (no longer done via cache - now character specific).


Server Updates

  • The players online indicator at the bottom of the screen will now change between players online and active / afk players every few seconds.
  • Significant improvements to bot busting (can't go into detail).
  • Improved login queue response / processing time (multiple logins close together now process sooner).
  • Capes
    • 120 Capes (Nerf)
      • Strength bonus lowered - 10 -> 7.
      • Range bonus lowered - 15 -> 10.
      • Prayer bonus lowered - 10 -> 5.
      • Magic % bonus lowered - 10% -> 7%.
    • Max Cape (Buff)
      • Attack bonuses increased - 5 -> 15.
      • Defence bonuses increased - 11 -> 15.
      • Strength bonus increased - 4 -> 10.
      • Now has a ranged bonus -> 15.
      • Now has a magic % bonus -> 10%.
    • Untrimmed completionist cape (Nerf)
      • Attack bonuses lowered - 30 -> 20.
      • Defence bonuses lowered - 30 -> 20.
      • Strength bonus lowered - 15 -> 12.
      • Range bonus lowered - 30 -> 20.
      • Magic % bonus lowered - 15% -> 12%.
  • Perks
    • Several new perks have been added.
      • Overloaded ($7.50) -> Consuming overloads no longer causes you to be dealt damage.
      • Charge Befriender ($17.50) -> Your items will no longer degrade. This applies to any item that has 'charges' or turns to dust after a set time. EG. PvP Armour, Tier 90 Armour, etc.
      • Assembly Artist ($7.50) -> Increases all construction experience earned by 50% and removes the need for nails to construct anything.
      • Rune Extraordinare ($7.50) -> Increases all runecrafting experience earned by 50% and increases amount of runes crafted by 50%.
      • Cannoneer ($12.50) -> Your dwarf multi cannon will reload cannonballs automatically.
      • Petchanter ($8.50) -> Lowered pet drop rates by 20% (applies to boss and skilling pets).
  • Aterian
    • Can no longer use special attack while summoning minions.
    • Now responds faster to minions dieing (allows you to hit him sooner without hitting 0s).
  • Runecrafting
    • You can now create more high tier runes at certain levels:
      • Nature runes -> 2 per essence at level 91.
      • Law runes -> 2 per essence at level 94.
      • Death runes -> 2 per essence at 97.
      • Blood runes -> 2 per essence at 99.


Client Updates

  • Several internal processing / packet changes to significantly improve client response time / performance.


Website Updates

  • Highscores
    • Highscores ranking has been totally re-done. Read more here: 
    • Highscores are now automatically reset once per month to remove inactive users.
    • Highscores now show your completion percentage on the main page.
    • Added help sidebar with the link to the FAQ.
  • Store
    • Added recent additions sidebar.
    • Added confirmation pop-up to confirm you're donating for the correct person.
    • Added icons to the checkout buttons instead of plain text.
    • Your cart is now emptied when being redirected to the completed payment page.
    • Added rating system to the completed payment page so we can get your feedback on how easy the process were to do :)



Previous updates that were removed when the webhost changed (29th September):


Bug Fixes & General Improvements

  • Fixed a bug meaning you could still wear the 10b xp cape if you'd got to 10b experience on a different game mode.
  • Fixed a bug causing collecting items from the grand exchange to 'overflow' your inventory (Withdrawing an item that couldn't be noted wouldn't give you all of them back if you didn't have enough inventory space for them.
  • Recoloured robin hood hats from the trivia store no longer have a defence level requirement.
  • Fixed a bug meaning you couldn't always block 5 slayer tasks.
  • Fixed a bug causing the slayer interface to look buggy / not allow you to remove tasks.
  • Fixed a bug causing drop announcements to say the wrong players name if they had lootshare on.


Server Updates

  • Boss killcount now continues announcing after 2000 kills / now announces every 250 kills.
  • Captchas are now sent every 10 minutes at the most instead of every 20 minutes at lava flow mine / ivy.
  • Players are now kicked after 30 minutes of inactivity.


Client Updates

  • If the server is offline when you start up the client, it will now pause and retry the connection every 5 seconds until the server's up.
  • You can now screenshot using CTRL+S or by going to Screenshot > Take a screenshot.


Website Updates

  • We're now on a new webhost - no more 502 bad gateway error pages or slow site loading + we now have full control over the VDS hosting the site :)
  • Grand Exchange
    • Added grand exchange subdomain.
    • Fixed an issue meaning offers wouldn't be updated correctly.
    • Grand exchange offers now update correctly if the player who's offer is linked to yours is offline.
  • Store
    • Categories now show the title / view all categories button above the items.
  • Added a dropdown to the global navbar.
  • Created a support page so you don't need to go to a third party site + no longer have to wait for a response from us with the information you need to eg. recover an account (http://support.ateria-rsps.com/).
  • Improved css loading on most pages.

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Really nice new perks but i would change the construction perk to 40% exp and a like 20% chance to save half the required materials when building, since the furniture you build for training doesn't require nails past lvl 19.

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