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Updates 18/09/2017

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If you'd like to view all the updates as soon as they're done, join our discord server:)


Bug Fixes & General Improvements

  • Fixed a bug meaning you couldn't collect items from the grand exchange.
  • Item bonuses are now refreshed when unequipping items in the equipment bonuses screen.
  • Fixed a bug meaning the Squeal of Fortune could cause a cash overflow in bank/inventory.


Server Updates

  • Improvements to bot busting (can't go into detail).
  • Blood Spells
    • Multi-target blood spells no longer heal you more than once if you damage multiple npcs within the same server tick.
    • Multi-target blood spells no longer proc the healing effect if you do under 80 damage with an attack (you'll heal from a different target if the damage is over 80 instead, so the heal will always be at least 20).
    • Blood spells healing increased - damage / 10 -> damage / 4.


Client Updates

  • Server / Website status is now shown in the client title (updates every few seconds).
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by cache loading.
  • Can now open the debug folder containing errors via the navigation bar.
  • Fixed a bug causing your UUID to always be different on Mac/Linux/Older versions of Windows.


Website Updates

  • Forum play now links now direct you to the download page instead of downloading the client.
  • Several improvements to the osrs donation request page.
  • Improvements to how grand exchange offers are linked to the game (should now update correctly all of the time).

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