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Updates 11/09/2017

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If you'd like to view all the updates as soon as they're done, join our discord server:)


Bug Fixes & General Improvements

  • Fixed a bug meaning trying to equip bandos armour would say you needed 65 defence, when you actually need 70.
  • Updated the look of the xp well + you can now left click it to deposit gp.
  • Auras can now be bought / searched for on the Grand Exchange.
  • Fixed a bug meaning new players had to enter a login pin before finishing the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug meaning your uuid sometimes couldn't be retrieved on login.
  • Oldschool DFS / Tier 90 Kiteshields no longer require you to right click to attack in PvP.
  • Sea troll queen instances are now multi.


Server Updates

  • In the wilderness, the items you lose are now based off of Grand Exchange prices (The interface to show you what you'll lose is also now based off of them including your carried / risked wealth).
  • You will no longer earn pvm points if you're AFK.


Client Updates

  • Fixed an error meaning you couldn't login on Mac / Linux.
  • Fixed an issue meaning your uuid couldn't be retrieved in certain situations on Windows.


Website Updates

  • 2-Step Verification / 2FA has been added.
    • To setup 2FA:
      • Login to your forum account.
      • Click the Red Shield Icon on the navigation bar.
      • Scan the QR Code using the Google Authenticator app (Can be downloaded on iOS & Android appstores as-well as on the Chrome Webstore for PC).
      • Enter the code it gives you.
      • Now, whenever you login, you'll need to enter your 2FA code which will be on your Google Authenticator app.
  • Who was online in the last 24 hours is now shown at the bottom of forum pages.
  • A loading progress bar has been added to the top of the forums when the page is loading.
  • User online / offline indicator is now shown at the top left of their avatar in posts / profile.
  • Grand exchange page will now be truncated after each restart and re-populated with current offers so it's always up to date.
  • You can now see who viewed forum topics at the bottom of a thread.
  • Total time online has been added to the forums. You'll be able to see it in the sidebar on your posts, in your profile and when you hover over your name.
  • Forum sidebar / footer is now also shown on all topic pages.
  • Fixed an issue meaning Grand Exchange offers weren't being deleted.

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great job thank you alex 

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I like the wilderness update :)

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