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Updates 08/09/2017

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If you'd like to view all the updates as soon as they're done, join our discord server:)


Bug Fixes & General Improvements


  • You can now 'Transform-All' summoning scrolls.
  • KBD Yew log drops are now noted.
  • Fixed a bug causing catherby patches to always say 'your herbs have finished growing' instead of the actual crop.
  • Mystery boxes will now be added to your inventory instead of your bank if you have enough free space.
  • Godwars / Sunfreet / Sea Troll Queen instances and now multi for all players that join.
  • Player manager title options now work correctly.
  • Lots of untradeable items (including flasks) can now be stored in beast of burdens.
  • Familiars that should only be able to hold essence now work correctly (could hold any items before).



Server Updates


  • Significant improvements to bot busting.
  • Saradomin brews now have a healing cap of 160.


Client Updates


You need to upgrade to this client (17.1.29) if you want to continue playing. You won't be able to login using previous client versions.


  • You can now have up to 400 friends on your friends list.
  • You're now assigned a UUID based on certain pc information (Makes account pins more secure + unlike mac addresses, it's impossible for this number to be the same for two different pcs).



Website Updates

  • None today.

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