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Updates 22/08/2017

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If you'd like to view all the updates as soon as they're done, join our discord server:)


Bug Fixes & General Improvements


  • You'll no longer be able to make summoning pouches if you don't have enough charms in your inventory to 'make all'.
  • Crossbow bolt projectiles now fire at the correct time in the animation.
  • Mauls
    • Drygore and Chaotic Maul attack rate buffed - every 4 ticks -> every 3 ticks.



Server Updates


  • Boss pets
    • Pets are now obtainable from the following bosses:
      • Giant mole
      • Dagannoth Kings
      • Vorago
      • Nex
      • Legio
      • Avatar of Destruction + Creation
      • Nomad
      • Aterian
  • Korasi
    • Gahhh!
      • Now has a damage cap of your max hitpoints - 300.
  • Legio
    • Several touch-ups so the boss feels smoother to fight:
      • Fixed a bug with legio's attack / standing crossbow animations causing the crossbow to disappear / attack animation to act weird.
      • Now always sends bolt projectiles to all targets when attacking.
      • No longer attacks if he heals.
      • Now shows the eating animation when healing.
      • Can now only heal when below 15,000 hitpoints.
      • Improvements to graphic effects / animation times / hit delays
    • Balancing
      • Now only heals once for 325-475 health.
      • Now always fires a ranged attack.
      • Removed the 'huge range attack and 'huge magic attack'.
      • From the sky!
        • 1/5 chance whenever legio attacks to call down a huge meteor from the sky dealing 300-600 true damage to all targets.


Client Updates


  • None today.



Website Updates

  • None today.

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Nice work :)

btw does mole still heal after he digs into the ground and comes up somewhere else in the cave?

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Omg more pets >.< I almost had them all now you do this to me xD, btw can we please get a nex kc counter all the bosses have one besides her....

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