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Updates 20/08/2017

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Bug Fixes & General Improvements


  • Fixed a bug not allowing you to 'Add-all' of an item to a trade.
  • Fixed a bug causing several bosses to do less damage than intended (or sometimes not hit at all with specific attacks).
  • Fixed a bug meaning sinkhole toggle option at the player manager wouldn't work correctly.
  • XP Well time remaining (or if inactive, the amount of GP in the well) now persists across server restarts.
  • Fixed the bug causing players to go invisible and be called ' l>_ '.



Server Updates


  • Instances
    • All team bosses other than nex, aterian and nomad can now be instanced.
    • Team Instances
      • You can now join other people's instances if you're on their friends list.
      • Costs 3m to join someone else's instance.
      • To join someone's instance, click the 'Join an Instance' button in the quest tab.
  • Korasi
    • Can no longer remove your weapon
    • Damage hit through prayer reduced - 60% -> 40%.
  • Madara
    • Heal reduced - 500-750 -> 500.
    • Off with the trash
      • Damage lowered - 75-125 -> 45-90.
    • Die!
      • Damage cap lowered - 890 -> 500.
      • No longer has a delay before it hits.
    • Feel my almighty power!
      • Damage lowered - 55-90 -> 55-75.


Client Updates


  • None today.



Website Updates

  • None today.

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