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Updates 12/08/2017

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If you'd like to view all the updates as soon as they're done, join our discord server and check the #server-updates / #website-updates channels. :)


Bug Fixes & General Improvements

  • Fixed a bug meaning POHs were handled differently to all other instances (which caused them to always fuse into one instance if a house were loaded - were more prevalent after the update to always delete instances with players out of the area which is why it was always happening before). <- Was also the cause of npcs not respawning / not being able to move in instances.
  • Fixed a bug meaning you couldn't obtain the max cape / get the announcement if your summoning weren't fully charged (99/99).
  • Yew logs can now be sold to the general store.
  • You can now siphon runespan creatures / nodes without pathing next to them.
  • Your character is no longer prevented from moving for a few seconds after completing a dungeon.
  • Items no longer say they'll sell to the PvP shop for PvP tokens.
  • You can now right click Thok and choose to either view his shop or talk about off-hand weapons.
  • Imperian sigil now announces when dropped.
  • Player appearence is now regenerated every few seconds.
  • Items restricted in wilderness now work correctly again.
  • You can now toggle instant switching by talking to the player manager at home (in-case you prefer tick switching).


Server Updates

  • Summoning
    • The charm a pouch is made with now correctly affects the experience gain.
      • Green charms grant you a 25% XP bonus.
      • Crimson charms grant you a 50% XP bonus.
      • Blue charms grant you a 75% XP bonus.
  • Magic
    • Magic damage reduction in PvM lowered - 17.5% -> 12.5%.
  • Runecrafting
    • Amount of time you can't move after infusing - 5 -> 1.
    • Altar Base XP per rune reduced overall by 25%.
  • Cooking
    • Rebalanced cooking XP rates (Lobs used to be more XP than sharks, etc)


Client Updates

  • 17.1.26 -> Update your client automatically: http://ateria-rsps.com/Ateria.jar
    • Trying to change to fullscreen mode now sends an error instead of blackscreening / crashing the client (until fullscreen issues are fixed).
    • Fixed rare crash / blackscreen on sendinterface.


Website Updates

  • None today.

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