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Updates 09/08/2017

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If you'd like to view all the updates as soon as they're done, join our discord server and check the #server-updates / #website-updates channels. :)

Bug Fixes & General Improvements

  • Fixed a bug causing player owned houses with a dungeon floor (were made before they were disabled) to cause instances to stop working correctly.
  • Join friends house is now based on display name.
  • Fixed a bug meaning dark invasion would delete/fuse other instances with each other.
  • You now need to restart your client after an update to the cache (so your cache can update).
  • Any spaces before or after your name will now be removed - if you have an account with a space before or after the name dm me and i'll change the username.
  • Instances should now always be deleted when you leave the area by any means.
  • Your zoom will now reset to default when teleporting home as a pseudo fix for the lag when facing north-east and being zoomed out far (can be toggled by talking to the player manager).


Server Updates

  • Aterian
    • Now does 20% increased damage during his enraged phase.
  • Zaryte bow
    • Attack delay lowered - 5 -> 3.
  • The following untradeable items no longer disappear on death in the wilderness (go to your inventory instead):
    • Fire Cape
    • Tokhaar-kal (All 3 varients)
    • Defenders
    • Fighter Torso
  • Bot busting
    • Several improvements to detection (can't go into detail).


Client Updates

  • 17.1.24 -> Update your client automatically: http://ateria-rsps.com/Ateria.jar
    • Mcafee / Bitdefender / Avast / AVG / Ikarus no longer mis-detect the client as a false positive (https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/f95efdb6c745dc56f385eac7f54875c97d1d61ecdac3df7f99ff8c958161cbb3/analysis/1502070461/) - I'll now be able to update the client much more frequently as i'll no longer have to report each build as a false positive to each anti-virus company :).
    • Fixed blackscreen related to object animations.
    • Fixed crash related to DirectX texture write/read.
    • Clicking create an account no longer causes your client to blackscreen + now sends a popup message telling you how to create an account.
    • Fixed crash related to OpenGL texture write/read.
    • Opening world map should no longer force the client into safe mode on lower end pcs.
    • Fixed blackscreen on attempt to receive forced friend quick chat message.
    • Fixed crash related to DirectX graphics rasterizing.
    • All DirectX errors should now be caught instead of causing the client to crash.
    • Fixed blackscreen + crash related to OpenGL object definition.
    • Fixed blackscreen related to OpenGL interface definition.
    • Fixed crash related to OpenGL render npc.
    • Fixed a bug meaning players would sometimes appear to be invisible.
    • Improved cache download speed (read/write speed) slightly.
    • Fixed a bug where the cache would sometimes be stuck downloading at 84%.


Website Updates

  • None today.

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Awesome Updates. :)

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