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Updates 03/08/2017

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If you'd like to view all the updates as soon as they're done, join our discord server and check the #server-updates / #website-updates channels. :)

Bug Fixes & General Improvements

  • Familiars will no longer be targeted by bosses / npcs.
  • Protect from summoning / deflect summoning now work correctly against high level familiars.
  • You no longer receive killstreak / pk rewards if the player you kill is risking less than 100,000 gp.
  • The stamina boost perk no longer works in the Wilderness.
  • Fixed a bug meaning the npc health tracker would disappear while still in combat with the npc.


Server Updates

  • Rogue's castle
    • You'll now loot a random coloured Abyssal Whip (lite) if you manage to roll 150,000 when opening the chest.
    • You'll now loot a 500m ticket if you manage to roll a 1 when opening the chest.
    • Your roll is now formatted correctly.
  • Vorago
    • No longer has a chance to not use any attacks.
    • Poison damage increased - 50-75 -> 80-110.
    • Heal now always heals for the same amount (500).
    • Mage/Range formula changed - your hp - 250 -> your hp - 150.
    • Overall base damage increased - 425 -> 500.
  • Bot busting
    • If you're caught cheating, the first time will now be a 24 hour ban, followed by a 1 week ban, followed by permanent (were previously 48 hour -> permanent).
    • Several improvements to detection (can't go into further detail).
  • Nex
    • No longer drops regular Nex armour.
    • Now drops Fire and Elite Nex armour (1/20 drop rate).
  • New boss! - Aterian
    • A new boss called 'Aterian' has been released!
    • Drops: Exquisite longbow + Trickster.
    • Fight is very similar to Nex, at 25k / 20k / 15k / 10k hitpoints the boss will summon minions from the fire pits which you need to kill to progress in the fight.
    • Be careful of the last phase! - Aterian will hit for true damage instead of range damage with every attack.


Client Updates

  • None today.


Website Updates

  • None today.

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Lol do the stamina work for donor rank or is that off too?

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Doesn't work in wilderness.

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