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  1. mario64

    we had a discussion about this bug on our discord which included moderator matt , feel free to join in and read up on it , it will clear things up
  2. mario64

    update my ruby's work on some bosses like sunfreet and zulrah but i tried them on KBD and blink and they didnt work. im not sure why right now.
  3. mario64

    ruby bolts only do 20% of the bosses current hp bar , not max hp bar. however upon further investigation , it does appear that the spec isn't working. my donor rank disables the HP cost of ruby E specs , but i did see the animation and audio que for the special attack and failed to see any high damage output from the ability.
  4. mario64

    they function perfectly fine for me , maybe you're just hitting low or getting unlucky. but i was using them on zulrah , aterian and nex and they function as intended for me.
  5. mario64

    welcome back !
  6. mario64

    not exactly. paying 1B in game currency , without the option to donate for it , would take out almost as much money as you'd get back from it. and sense it is a renewable system , you'd have to keep wealthy in order to maintain using it for exp gains or daily tasks etc.
  7. THE NAME CAN BE CHANGED , I KNOW ITS BAD BUT ITS ALL I CAN THINK OF AT 7:00AM an NPC should be added , that sells you a "slave" or servant , this is essentially you buying a bot from the owner. the price could be somewhere around 1 billion. once purchased you can send the bot to anywhere accessible to you're account , and have it do things for you at a slower rate then regular players ( it would obtain fish 50% slower , chop wood 50% longer , obtain ore 50% slower , burn logs 50% slower ) have a higher rate of burning your food. get reduced exp ( not all those things but its just some ideas ) it allows someone to go do some bossing while at the same time chipping a way at those pesky tasks. and once a month ( 30 days of buying it ) you have to pay another 1 Billion to keep it , kind of like paying for it.
  8. mario64

    potion of agression

    i think potion of aggression should be added into the game. for those of you who don't know , its just a potion you can take that makes all monsters aggressive towards you for the duration. this really only has one good use i can think of and that's for slayer. the potion makes slayer much easier and as all monsters come to you and you can semi afk the tasks. to prevent complete afk , a time cap could be implemented. something along the lines of 1-2 minute wait after the potion expires before you can drink it again.
  9. mario64

    client unable to open.

    my client will not open. i have tried deleting it and re downloading the automatic update client and it wont open. it is deemed safe by my antivirus and authorized to run on the computer. it appears for a second and the screen " checking for updates 0% appears " for roughly 1 second then it vanishes. any solutions?

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