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  1. Master_Jens

    This time i tried catching 2000 dragon imps and see what you can get. Thanks to Aterias new update dragon imps are now easy to farm. So i wondered how much is a dragon imp worth on average? I used the Huntsman perk granting me a 10% chance to double loot imps From catching 2000 dragon imps i earned 38.728.000 coins This is my loot Dragon Bolt 1998 x 805 = 1.608.390 Babydragonbones 2977 Can't be sold Dragonstones 439 x 22.916 = 10.060.124 Snapdragon Seed 558 x 1.388 = 774.504 Dragon Arrowhead 5392 x 416 = 2.243.072 Dragon Bolt Tips 3080 x 555 = 1.709.400 Dragon Arrow 2783 x 83 = 230.989 Summer Pie 817 x 116 = 94.772 Dragon Dart Tips 7934 x 208 = 1.650.272 Dragon Dart 5522 x 416 = 2.297.152 Dragon Ammy 24 x 14.687 = 352.488 Amulett of Glory 89 x 14.687 = 1.307.143 Death Tiara 7 x 83 = 581 Mystic Robe Bottom 7 x 66.666 = 466.662 Magic Seed 124 x 40.224 = 4.987.776 Dragon Dagger 361 x 25.000 = 9.025.000 Dragon Longsword 196 x 83.333 = 16.333.268 Dragon Bones 218 x 150.000 = 32.700.00 (Depending on grand exchange) deducting the jars from the final total value Imp Jar 2000 x 500 = 10.000.000 I earned 114.569.593 coins from catching 2000 dragon imps Resulting in an average value of about 62.285 coins for a single dragon imp. Results may vary depending on your luck
  2. I suggest to change the colour of the Textmessage when you finish a slayertask to something else than white. I missed it 3 times in a row and spent a lot more time than needed. Maybe its just me but a different colour would be nice.
  3. Master_Jens

    Yes i caught 2.000 kingly imps. This is my Loot: And now some math: I payed 10m for the 2k imp glasses. I earned 23.937 per imp caugth = 47.874.000 coins I crafted all the gems and earned from my perk another 10.024.500 coins Selling all the items. Onyx bolt tips 7.500 x 1833 = 13.747.500 coins Dragon Longsword 83.333 x 40 = 3.333.320 coins Dragon Speer 52.000 x 38 = 1.976.000 coins Dragon 2hand 183.333 x 10 = 1.833.330 coins Dragon Darts 416 x 1501 = 625.416 coins Rune Bars 20.833 x 135 = 2.812.455 coins Royal Crown 83.333 x 42 = 3.499.986 coins Dragon arrow heads 416 x 3824 = 1.590.784 coins Onyx bolts 11.360 x 602 = 6.838.720 coins Dragon Arrow 83 x 3518 = 291.994 coins Dragon Dart Tips 208 x 872 = 181.376 coins Amulets of glory 14.687 x 2137 = 31.386.119 coins Dragonstone ammy 14.687 x 1119 = 16.434.753 coins Dragon bolts 805 x 967 = 778.435 coins Shield left halfs 91.666 x 8 = 733.328 coins Dragon bolt tips 555 x 1900 = 1.054.500 coins Dragonstones 22.916 x 359 = 8.226.844 coins Diamants 10.000 x 8852 = 88.520.000 coins Royal leggins 83.333 x 33 = 2.749.989 coins Royal shirts 83.333 x 39 = 3.249.987 coins Royal amuletts 83.333 x 44 = 3.666.652 coins Royal scepters 83.333 x 42 = 3.499.986 coins resulting in a total of 254.928.974 coins Meaning a kingly imp is worth 127.464 coins on average.
  4. Master_Jens

    Thanks to all Participants. I hope we all had at least a bit fun. The tournament was unbalanced because of gear differences between the players and i will consider that next time i plan such an event. I changed the battleformat since we had 5 player participating from a single round ko system to a group format where everyone fought everyone once. 3rd Place went to Shinox with 2 : 2 2nd Place went to Tmannrocks13 with 3 : 1 1st Place went to Deckiiean with 4 : 0 After that we went to the multizone and played 2 Last man standings. The first one was won by Deckiiean beating Shinox. And the second one was won by Shinox beating Bandesta. Honorable mention goes to FlockaTV, who despite beeing hard underleveled fought bravely, but couldnt make it in the end. 1.2b value were given out to the winners. Thank you and till next time!
  5. Master_Jens

    Alex (Owner/Developer) : I really like his transparency about new updates on Discord. Always online and always lurkin in the shadows. Resolves all issues quick if asked nicely. Great work on this server. I love the constant updates to keep the game fresh. Matt (Moderator) : I can't really say alot about Matt since i don't interact a lot with you recently. Kakoena (Helper) : Always there to help with my quick questions. A great addition to the staff team. Joseph (Helper) : Back in the day a very cool guy and helped me out a lot. Recently not much activitys we both shared. Broomy1999 (Helper/Event Manager) : Hard to get a hold off because of the difference in timezones but doing a great job and a nice guy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In conclusion i can say this is a great server thats pretty much staffed at any time and issues get resolved very quick. I'm having a lot of fun playing Ateria.
  6. Master_Jens

    1 vs 1 Tournament

    Hello everybody, I'd like to announce the first free for all 1 vs 1 tournament of the year. Time 4.20.2018 at 8pm server time. Location We will meet at the 3 portals as seen on the picture. You'll get there by entering the white portal west from home and then leaving through the greenish portal. Rules & Restrictions To keep it fair and also give newer players a chance to win I add several rules and restrictions. If this one is a success i will host more tournaments with different restrictions in the future. Breaking the rules will result in disqualification. #1 All combat styles are allowed. #2 Only gear up to T90 is allowed. That means no Malevolent, no Sirenic and no Tectonic Armor. #3 Drygores and dyed Drygores are allowed. #4 Illuminescence and Lite Whip are banned. #5 Vengeance and other spec weapons are allowed. #6 Fury Sharks are banned, otherwise Food and Potions are allowed. #7 No Familiars #7 luring someone to the red portal will result in serious consequences. Battlesystem The system I'm using is a single elimination system. The winner moves on to the next round. The grandfinal will be a Bo3. The battles will be drawn 1 hour before the tournament starts. Make sure you sign up for it. How do I enter? There are 2 ways to sign up. 1. Comment on this post, that you'd like to enter the tournament. 2. Message me or any helper ingame. sign ups will end 1 hour before the tournaments start. Prizes 1st Place 1 Mysterybox and 250m Coins 2nd Place 100m Coins 3rd Place 50m Coins and 2 x 150m coins will be given out for special achievments during the tournament. If anyone wants to contribute to the prizepool send me a message. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!
  7. Master_Jens

    I'll just add mine 27th of May 1995.
  8. Master_Jens

    Not Rigged. Had a lot of fun participating I'd love to see some more events in the future.

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