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  1. Kakoena

    Zulrah smoke

    Sometimes while doing zulrah, the smoke doesn't disappear after switching phases, creating massive clouds of it and reducing framerate to about 5-10. https://gyazo.com/70b7c66161f7ab4c9d8c341251d33494 I have no idea what causes this, but I've seen it multiple times now.
  2. Kakoena

    Best of luck!
  3. Kakoena

    Personally, I believe this isn't necessary. We've got kingly implings in RZ, and a better placed furnace than in lower $rank zones. This makes it a useful zone. However, as we have a smaller community, I really like the fact that most donators skill in ::ez. This brings us together, and makes us skill together in some way.
  4. Kakoena

    Great goals! The only thing I noticed is this: "Full Dyed Trickster". There's no such thing, you can get dyed sirenic as a full t90 set, or full trickster without dyes as a t92 set. Trickster is the better one. Other than that, best of luck to you!
  5. Kakoena

    "Infuse-All" doesn't work, however "Infuse 10" works, and doesn't require any ingredients other than the charms, pouches and shards.
  6. Kakoena

    Resetting task for free is already included in the perslaysion perk. Picking your own task is a bit overpowered in my opinion. However, getting more slayer rewards is a great idea to me.
  7. Kakoena

    I feel like dyes do need some work. Right now their market is just tanking. However, completely removing them might be a bit harsh. Maybe lower their droprate from the upgraded crystal chest significantly?
  8. Kakoena

    Or maybe the possibility to at least switch between the two?
  9. Kakoena

    Welcome, Xolifar! Looking forward to see you ingame. If you've got any questions, don't hestitate to hit up me or any other staff member.
  10. Kakoena

    Good luck! I'd love to see you overtake cookie. If you have any questions regarding the game in general / ironman you can hit me or any other staff member up.
  11. Kakoena

    Ice torva is tanky already.
  12. Kakoena

    Welcome to Ateria, I look forward to seeing you ingame.
  13. Kakoena

    I get your point, 100%. However, vesta is not as powerful as torva ice is because of the degradation. Yes, this is dismissed if you own the Charge Befriender perk, but that has nothing to do with the point. If you look at it like that, you might aswell donate $20 for someone else and use that 2b to buy yourself malevolent.
  14. Kakoena

    The point you made about vesta is irrelevant in my opinion. Vesta is degradable, and does so very quickly. Torva ice is a set that can be used endlessly. However, I do agree that it's by far the least desired one because of the lack of strength bonus. But that's the set. People want strength / other offensive bonusses, and will prefer fire.
  15. Kakoena

    I've spent too much time moving stuff around my bank to make it look nice. This would help alot, 100% support.

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