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  1. King_Bytez

    Buying a set of Godcrusher armor, please pm me in game or reply to this topic if you or you know someone willing to sell it. Thank you!
  2. King_Bytez

    I agree, i am Legendary donor and i would love to have more qol updates for higher rank donors! Even a couple of donor exclusive bosses would be awesome!
  3. King_Bytez

    Buying a Lite Whip! pm me in game- King Bytez
  4. King_Bytez

    You're welcome! ☺
  5. King_Bytez

    Wanted to wish all the Ateria players from Canada a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you guys have a great day!
  6. King_Bytez

    Welcome to Ateria!
  7. King_Bytez

    Alright, i dont know about tomorrow anymore, but i will definantly get one going soon, and mradolf im always down to pvm, just hit me up in game sometime
  8. King_Bytez

    Would anyone be interested in doing a pvm event Sunday? Im thinking we get a large group and do Arterian for an hour or so? thoughts?
  9. King_Bytez

    I just wanted to take a minute and say how much fun i have been having on this server! There are such great people, ive made some new friends, and have just had times where i sat at ::home and talked with strangers for a solid hour. Alex does an excellent job keeping the server updated! I dont think i have seen an owner to an rsps that puts in as much time as he does! Really makes for a better server! the bossing is fun, and there are some cool items on this server! Keep up the great work!
  10. King_Bytez

    Nice man!! Good luck!
  11. King_Bytez

    Nice! i play a lot of Ahri and Jayce, but if im bot lane, Jinx is my go to!
  12. King_Bytez

    thank you guys! I like the profile picture Alex! Do you play alot of Zyra?
  13. King_Bytez

    Selling these items! feel free to pm me in game if you see something you want! one of the singularities is shadow and the other is barrows https://gyazo.com/45e6d45378b787427305cdffdfa68786
  14. King_Bytez

    Hello everyone, my name is King Bytez! Im new to the server! im always looking to make new friends, so feel free to chit chat anytime! I also play a lot of league of legends so if anyone happens to play that aswell, im always down to play!

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