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  1. Matt

    There isn't really a 100% accurate drop rate on bosses. The drop rates in "examine" don't mean you'll get a drop within those amount of kills, they're just the chance u have and kinda when u should expect to get a drop, but if you're unlucky you can go hundreds of extra kills above the drop rate before you get a drop, or if you're lucky u can get a drop on your first kill or a lot sooner than the drop rate on there. It's mainly about getting lucky and your personal drop rate in my opinion.
  2. Matt

    Original post updated as of May 27th, 2019. What's New? - Updated Playtime - Updated Skills - Updated Total XP - Added Play times as a Goal - Added Special Drops as a Goal More to come soon. 📈 😃
  3. if you're using a 2k-4k monitor You might have to look online as it could possibly be something with your “Change the size of text, apps, and other items scaling'' not working well with your Display Scale. These are located in Display Settings.
  4. Matt

    Welcome back, good to see you again. 😃
  5. Matt

    Hello, glad to have you in the community and to hear you're enjoying it so far. Also if you'd like you can send me a PM and we can figure out the donating part that you're having trouble with. Hope to see you in-game. 😃
  6. If not intended Turmoils passive does not work on Aterian or Vorago.
  7. Matt

    Original post updated as of September 23rd, 2018. I'm back, and working towards some of my goals again. What's New? - Achieved Blink pet - Updated Playtime - Updated Skills - Updated Total Xp. More to come soon. 📈 =)
  8. Matt

  9. Matt

    If you're having client problems, please follow the step below. - Lower your settings and ensure that your 'Display Mode' is on either OpenGL or DirectX. Playing on Software or Safe Mode will result in problems as they're not using a good graphics engine. If you still crash, i advise you join our discord through the forums and follow the steps on the #support channel.
  10. Matt

    My weiner is long. Oh, wrong website.
  11. Matt

    Matt Welcome to Ateria. Hope you enjoy your stay and see you in-game! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact a member of our Staff team and we'll gladly help you.
  12. Matt

    I wouldn't mind both but an option to choose between the two if it's too much work would be cool.
  13. Matt

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay and hope to see you in-game. =)
  14. Matt


    Event has concluded, thanks again to everyone who came out and hope you enjoy your prizes! Forgot to snap a pic of everyone!
  15. Matt

    Original post updated as of May 13th, 2018. Updates - Updated my Time Played. - Achieved Leeuni Pet More to come soon, thanks for checking it out.

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