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  1. If not intended Turmoils passive does not work on Aterian or Vorago.
  2. Matt

    Original post updated as of September 23rd, 2018. I'm back, and working towards some of my goals again. What's New? - Achieved Blink pet - Updated Playtime - Updated Skills - Updated Total Xp. More to come soon. 📈 =)
  3. Matt

  4. Matt

    If you're having client problems, please follow the step below. - Lower your settings and ensure that your 'Display Mode' is on either OpenGL or DirectX. Playing on Software or Safe Mode will result in problems as they're not using a good graphics engine. If you still crash, i advise you join our discord through the forums and follow the steps on the #support channel.
  5. Matt

    My weiner is long. Oh, wrong website.
  6. Matt

    Matt Welcome to Ateria. Hope you enjoy your stay and see you in-game! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact a member of our Staff team and we'll gladly help you.
  7. Matt

    I wouldn't mind both but an option to choose between the two if it's too much work would be cool.
  8. Matt

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay and hope to see you in-game. =)
  9. Matt


    Event has concluded, thanks again to everyone who came out and hope you enjoy your prizes! Forgot to snap a pic of everyone!
  10. Matt

    Original post updated as of May 13th, 2018. Updates - Updated my Time Played. - Achieved Leeuni Pet More to come soon, thanks for checking it out.
  11. Matt

    Celebration Giveaway.

    Hello everyone, with my Birthday and 1 year of being a Moderator coming up on May 14th i've decided to do a quick celebration giveaway. It's a short, sweet, and simple event that majority can participate in. The event will be held a day early though so possibly more people could join since it wont be held on a weekday. The event will begin hopefully on May 13th at 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST Celebration Event Info These rules are very simple. 1. Directions to the exact spot at Randomzone will be at the bottom of this post. ( MEET AT ::RANDOMZONE ) 2. The giveaway will be a Goodie bag so the first 17 people who trade me can get an item. ( Pick a # between 1-17 and the item that is in that # slot you get ) 3. You MUST be a total level of 1,000 or more to participate. 4. You don't have to be there at 1:00 PM, but is recommended since only the first 17 people to trade me get items. 5. Each person can only receive 1 item if there are 10-17 players involved. If there are 8 or less players you'll receive at least 2 items. 6. Absolutely NO Multi-logging to try and get more items than you're supposed to. ( Yes we can see if you're Multi-Logging and will note down every name that gets a prize ) Celebration Event Prize List 1x Third-age Dye 1x Drygore Rapier (Third Age) 1x Off-Hand Drygore Rapier (Third Age) 1x Korasi Sword 1x Frostmourne (NEW 2H SWORD FROM LEEUNI ) 1x Tectonic Robe Top (Third Age) 1x Seismic Wand (Third Age) 1x Ragefire Boots 1x Saradomin's Hiss 1x Vengeful Kiteshield 1x Trickster Robe Top 1x Trickster Robe Legs 1x Trickster Boots 1x Trickster Gloves 1x Ascension Crossbow (Third Age) 1x Off-Hand Ascension Crossbow (Third Age) 1x 500M Cash Stack HOW TO GET TO ::RANDOMZONE Step 1: Type in ::Randomzone and it'll teleport you here. Step 2: Run East or West in this building to the staircase and go to the SECOND floor. Step 3: When you reach the Second floor run north until u reach this room and this will be where the event takes place.
  12. Allowing familiars at Trio would be a nice addition imo. I think it could balance out how Op Trio is considering they're probably top 3 hardest boss on the server for only being in the "Hard Boss" section. If people think this could be to Op with the addition of the new mage boss, that's not really the case tbh. An easy fix would be allowing the Trio bosses to walk through each other therefore you don't fully negate damage sometimes. Also the Mage familiar is intended to only hit 1 target at a time unless he specs, which does have to recharge so he's not always multi-targeting. But if you wanna go another route just disable multi-targeting familiars from going there and allow others. Again in my opinion familiars really need to be re-enabled to go to Trio.
  13. Matt

    Please visit our Discord server Crescendox. It has an updates channel where you can look at the current prices for higher quality items that can be sold to the Gen store. Eg, (t90, Pernix, Torva, Etc) A lot of the good stuff.
  14. See if addings fake Levels to the Rots bosses is possible so turmoil will fully work there.

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