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  1. Guthix

    Welcome back
  2. Guthix

    Nex armour def level

    Nex armour does currently require a defence level of 90.
  3. Guthix

    If we ever will have some ingame items that adds currency to purchase stuff from the donor store we would most likely require an account managing panel to ensure everything processes smoothly. I do not know how much work this would mean to code, but Alex would also have to redo donating aswell. Most player donate for those simply because they want to improve their donor rank and not for the box itself.
  4. Guthix

    Well what can i say except for welcome back Hope everything that troubled you back then turned out good
  5. Guthix

    He wants a cape to be added that indicates that you have reached 120 in all skills, something similiar to max cape. That's a remain of the 400m max exp update if i am not mistaken.
  6. Guthix

    1. Pretty much every item that is used for skilling is found withing the regular and extreme donor skilling shops 2. This would be a custom as it goes beyond our revision and fury sharks are already pretty busted as food. 3. I also like the quest cape but with the few quests we have it would be too easy to obtain imo. 4. I'd rather see it removed, not sure why you can't tele home and then back to where you were. 5. No one used regular nex since the ice version was more affordable and easy to obtain. 6. Agreed. 7. Wouldn't mind that. 8. We would have to remove gp gain from skilling then and i am not sure how many outfits are available in our revision. 9. Agreed 10. In the future will more bosses be added. 11. This is implemented but seems to bug out for some accounts. 12. Not sure what you would achieve by stating that you are going to be a skiller.
  7. Guthix

    It really is for most player that look to get high level equipment completely unnecessary to even try any hard boss when they can obtain Malevolent from RotS easiliy, which also makes other combat styles less attractive as their gear is way harder to obtain. I personally would change Malevolent to be dropped by Madara and throw all Ice items into RotS while also removing regular Barrow Equipment.
  8. Guthix

    Good luck on your goals
  9. Guthix

    I believe that spins are rather useless, especially in late game. The only viable items would be elysian and divine as they are rather hard to obtain/buy. I'd personally like to use lucky items for the exp well.
  10. Guthix

    As a constant donation buyer i support this.
  11. Guthix

    Pretty sure that t90 armour and weapons are considered customs as afaik they are beyond our revision. So making a new dye probably means Alex would have to recolor the current Items himself, which is a lot of work. So this will even if it is accepted gonna be postponed over and over again since it has literally no priority.
  12. I want to use yell in dungs >.>
  13. Guthix

    Dungeoneering Dungeoneering requires a hatchet and fishing tools to be wield in your toolbelt for skilling rooms. A high combat lvl is recommended, but not neccessary (most monster and the boss scale off your combat lvl, but frost drags can 1shot you on low cb). Your equipment and loadout is preset and can be enhanced with dungeoneering points which are aquired through completing dungeons and skilling rooms. You can enter dungeons with up to a party of 5 player, which increases exp/token gain and boss damage. Rules for Parties - Party size bonus xp / bonus tokens / boss damage multiplier 2 ->15% 3 -> 30% 4 -> 45% 5 -> 60% If parties total combat level is less than 30 -> Strength is reduced by 50% 60 -> Strength is reduced by 25% 90 -> Strength is reduced by 10% The ressources and therefore the skilling room requirements are determined by the player that discovers the room. To start training go to Daemonheim by using the command ::dung Climb down the dungeon entrance and agree to join the lobby in the following menue to obtain the Ring of kinship. Leftclick on the ring to create a party Invite player - press this to invite another player to your party Leave party - this will disband the current party and force exit the dungeon if pressed To start the dungeon climb down the dungeon entrance while being the leader of your party. You will find a Group gatestone in your inventory if you are the party leader. This item can be dropped to teleport to the position and will also drop onto the floor upon death. Level 64 in Magic is required to use the gatestone groupteleport, alternatively the portal in the start room can be used which is instantly accessed by the home teleport. Speaking with the Smuggler will open the Upgrade store or the preset interface. For dungeoneering melee is recommended, if you are by any means some kind of pure take ranged since mage is really awful. Make sure to switch to the maul as it has the same attackspeed as a rapier does! Armour/Weapons - Start at 30k and increase by 10k each tier upgrade (Novite-Promethium) [630k each] Combat Potions - starts at 50k and doubles after every purchase (Regular - Super - Extreme - Overload) [350k] Food - Starts at 20k and increase by 10k each tier upgrade (Trout - Tuna - Lobster - Monkfish - Shark - Manta ray - Cavefish - Rocktail - Fury Shark) [350k] Saradomin Brews/Super Restores - start at 50k and increase by 25k after every purchase (1 - 2 - 3) [225k each] I'd recommend to upgrade weapons first then armour and afterwards the potions. I only upgraded the food because i didn't have anything left to spend points on. I wouldn't recommend to get additional brews or restores as you will have to drop quite a few items if you get a fishing skilling room. You gain dungeoneering exp for the following actions: - Discovering new rooms - Killing any monster within the dungeon - Killing the boss which counts as completing the floor Skilling rooms Skilling rooms spawn randomly on a rather low chance while discovering new rooms. Those feature currently woodcutting and fishing, which require the right items to be added to the toolbelt. It is advised to have every fishing tool added since you can level up while in a dungeon which could lead to higher requirements. You won't be able to procede exploring until the designed task is finished by your party. Bosses Astea Frostweb - Uses prayers which reduces the damage of the respective style by 50%. - Spawns Ice spiders. - Mainly using magic attacks. Luminescent icefiend - Mainly using magic and ranged attacks. - Special Attack: Covers himself in ice, making himself invincible and icicle falling from the ceiling which aim at the spot the player is standing (they cannot kill the player!) Gluttonous behemoth - Mainly using mage and ranged attacks. Bulwark beast - Mainly using magic and ranged attacks. - He has a shield that need to be depleted before he takes actual damage. Night-gazer Khighorahk - Mainly using magic and ranged attacks - Special Attack: Launching into the air (without spinning) and crashing into the ground dealing a lot of true damage in an area around him. Unholy cursebearer - Mainly using melee and magic attacks - Drains prayer from time to time. - Special Attack: Infesting the player with a rotten disease. Necrolord - Mainly using magic attacks. - Magic protection pray reduces damage significantly. - Summons Skeletons. To'Kash the Bloodchiller - Mainly using melee and magic attacks. - His melee attacks hit you even across the room and through prayers. Special Attack: Freezing the player into an iceblock and bursting it with his next attack dealing true damage. Training The exp and tokens you gain from completing a floor are always within a certain range and are not affected on what you actually do in the dungeon itself. As the monsters gain you about the same amount as discovering a new room it is recommended to ignore them. Since the Boss room is coded to have a high chance of spawning close around the the start room, exploring the dungeon in form of a spiral is effective in finding it. Force leaving the dungeon when you encounter a skilling room is advised if you don't need the points and want to maximize exp/tokens per hour gained. Don't eat food unless you have high tier food (cavefish+), you can just teleport back to the boss room after your death as it won't heal like other monster on Ateria. Rewards shop Disclaimer: The dung shop will be updated and enhanced in the future so this guide only features the working/useful rewards! Chaotic Weapons/Shields - (requires 80 dung and 200k tokens ea to purchase) Chaotic Offhands - (requires 80 dung and 100k tokens ea to purchase) Bonecrusher - Uses the bones dropped and converts them into 1,5x of the exp from burrying them while in the inventory (requires 21 dung and 34k tokens to purchase) Herbicide - Uses grimy herbs dropped and converts them into 1,5x of the exp from cleaning them while in the inventory (requires 21 dung and 34k tokens to purchase) Arcane stream Necklace - Pretty nice magic bonuses if you do not own a Saradomins Hiss (requires 70 dung and 30,5k tokens to purchase/wield) Scroll of cleansing - While in the inventory it provides a 10% chance to save the secondary while finishing potions (requires 49 dung and 20k tokens to purchase) Sneakerpeeper spawn - Just a pet (requires 80 dung and 85k tokens to purchase) $ Donation Perks $ Dungeon Master - 10$ Increases both the experience and token ratios during and after completing a Dungeon by 50%!
  14. Guthix

    Welcome to the forums buddy
  15. Guthix

    Welcome to Ateria. The shops are located around the ::home zone and most can be found in the white tent. We also offer a few guides in here and for everything else there is usually someone in the help fc that can give advice

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