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  1. Alex

    We replied to your ticket before: There's only an announcement when an evil tree spawns, a new one only spawns if the old one has been cut down (a couple of hours later). The tree always spawns in the same place near mobilising armies, check there and one will be there as it hasn't been cut down recently.
  2. Alex

    There's an announcement in-game when an evil tree spawns. Always spawns just north of mobilising armies every 2-3 hours.
  3. Is your monitor 4k resolution? If so, it's a known problem, not positive what you can do to solve it yet. If it's not, message me on discord and i'll look into it.
  4. Alex

    Voidz has resigned due to personal reasons. Thanks for your time here ❤️
  5. Alex

    Improve dungeoneering rewards Bonecrusher / Herbicide / Other similar items Ability to add to toolbelt / toggle the effect in the quest tab. New rewards Add a new tier 80 armour set You'll be able to add 'charges' to all of these items, which will give each armour piece better stats while charged. The charges will be given via 'demonic energy' that you'll be able to buy for dungeoneering tokens. 2 energies will give the item 1 charge, or if you have the charge befriender perk, 1 energy will give the item 1 charge; along with 5,000 gold per charge. You'll be able to 'uncharge' the item, returning the energies back to you, but not returning the gold. This armour, while uncharged, will be roughly on par with elite torva, but will not have as good defensive stats. While charged, it will be better than fire torva and slightly less powerful than tier 90 gear (effectively tier 85). Tetsu Inventory icons Shop / price Item stats Imbued item stats Death lotus Inventory icons Shop / price Item stats Imbued item stats Sea singer Inventory icons Shop / price Item stats Imbued item stats Improve / add unique effects to chaotic weapons + off-hands. Add the effects to every dungeoneering reward (that they're supposed to have - many haven't been coded). The following rewards won't be added as they wouldn't be used by players so it'd be wasted dev time: Law staff Longbow sight Amulet of zealots Spirit cape Nature staff Anti-poison totem Scroll of renewal The following rewards will be added: Herbicide Instead of receiving certain herb drops from monsters, you may choose for this item to corrode and destroy them. This provides you with 2x the herblore XP you would have gained for cleaning them. Scroll of life When unlocked, the player will have a permanent 10% chance of recieving the seed back when harvesting farming patches (works on all fruit tree, regular tree and herb patches). Scroll of cleansing When unlocked, the player will have a permanent 10% chance of creating a potion slightly faster and saving the secondary item completely. Scroll of efficiency When unlocked, the player will have a chance of retaining a bar when smithing an item that requires 3 or more bars to smith. Chances of retaining a bar: 50% for bronze 25% for iron 20% for steel 10% for mithril 7.5% for adamant 5% for rune Scroll of rigour Allows you to unlock the rigour prayer Scroll of augury Allows you to unlock the augury prayer
  6. Alex

    Kakoena has been demoted due to inactivity. Thanks for your time here ♥️
  7. Alex

    Good luck
  8. Alex

    It's a known issue, just very hard to fix at the current time.
  9. Alex

    Dungeoneering Revamp Open Beta

    Starting at 6pm GMT on the 20th of September, the dungeoneering revamp will be available for all players to try on the main server. You'll still be able to access the old dungeoneering system, this is just to find any potential issues with new dungeoneering and make sure all of the bosses are balanced correctly. You'll need to bring your own gear along with food and potions to traverse the dungeons as only the bosses and skilling parts of the new dungeoneering system are finished. The only items that will be removed when you finish the dungeon are skilling supplies you obtain within the dungeon. If you have a high enough fishing level for cavefish and rocktails, you'll also need to bring bait / living minerals along in order to progress through the dungeon correctly. (Unless you have the master fisherman perk) Update (23rd september 2:14pm): The event has been extended until the 27th of september.
  10. Alex

    Progress slowed down a lot as there were a lot of really annoying bugs that made it hard to continue working on the revamp. Thankfully these are all fixed now Leaving / completing the dungeon no longer 'desyncs' your character from the world outside of daemonheim. (Desync meaning you'd click to walk to one tile, but the game would think you walked to a different tile). Boss npcs are now correctly assigned as 'guardians' (this allows the dungeon to end after the 'guardian' dies). Several issues fixed with how npcs were spawning, and every wall is now correctly 'clipped' so you can't attack npcs through the walls. Dungeons no longer have a chance to 'fail to load'. Disbanding a party as the leader / completing a dungeon no longer causes the party to null preventing rejoining.
  11. Alex

    Voidz has become a trial helper! Congratulations and good luck
  12. Alex

    They were never in the droplist for monsters but are planned to be added to bosses in the future.
  13. Alex

    Broomy1999 has been demoted due to inactivity. Thanks for your time here
  14. Alex

    Press shift key again. Happens if you hold shift while clicking outside of the ateria window, hard to fix without re-doing the way the client recognises if shift is held down or not since it waits for the key to be pressed, sends an event, then on key release, sends another event.

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