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    Hello, folks

    Hello, I'm PotsMcgee. I have been enjoying myself and have been helped/welcomed by some users (Momo, Queen Mei). With that said, I haven't felt this comfortable with a game server that I was new to in years, so I figured I would stick around and introduce myself instead of doing my thing by myself. I'm 30 and haven't played Runescape in probably over a decade, so I may not remember certain strategies and mechanics, so please forgive me if I seem slow or incompetent. Once I figure out how to donate (for some reason the buttons won't work for me on the site's store page) I will be more than happy to help with the growth of this nice little piece of the internet. I try my best to be kind and helpful in my own ways, so if anyone sees me out and about, don't hesitate to say hello. I love a nice little conversation, so feel free to talk away. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, PotsMcgee
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    Staff Team

    Voidz has resigned due to personal reasons. Thanks for your time here ❤️



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