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  3. Alex

    Voidz has resigned due to personal reasons. Thanks for your time here ❤️
  4. PotsMcgee

    Thank you, but I think I have figured it out. I didn't notice I had to actually put my name in the box to the left beforehand. Now I have to figure out why my bank doesn't want to cooperate with BMT even though I used it before with other things. Thank you for offering to help, and I hope to see you out there as well.
  5. Matt

    Hello, glad to have you in the community and to hear you're enjoying it so far. Also if you'd like you can send me a PM and we can figure out the donating part that you're having trouble with. Hope to see you in-game. 😃
  6. PotsMcgee

    Hello, I'm PotsMcgee. I have been enjoying myself and have been helped/welcomed by some users (Momo, Queen Mei). With that said, I haven't felt this comfortable with a game server that I was new to in years, so I figured I would stick around and introduce myself instead of doing my thing by myself. I'm 30 and haven't played Runescape in probably over a decade, so I may not remember certain strategies and mechanics, so please forgive me if I seem slow or incompetent. Once I figure out how to donate (for some reason the buttons won't work for me on the site's store page) I will be more than happy to help with the growth of this nice little piece of the internet. I try my best to be kind and helpful in my own ways, so if anyone sees me out and about, don't hesitate to say hello. I love a nice little conversation, so feel free to talk away. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, PotsMcgee
  7. Kakoena

    Zulrah smoke

    Sometimes while doing zulrah, the smoke doesn't disappear after switching phases, creating massive clouds of it and reducing framerate to about 5-10. https://gyazo.com/70b7c66161f7ab4c9d8c341251d33494 I have no idea what causes this, but I've seen it multiple times now.
  8. I did dungeneering to obtain the Bone crusher+ split dragontooth necklace, soon to be upgraded to demon horn, in hopes of being able to train at creatures that drop bones for both prayer exp and constant prayer points. But when I used the bonecrusher the necklace wasn't registering the bury so I didn't receive the prayer points for the bury as I should have. When burying the bones manually the necklace functioned as it should, so I guess the bonecrusher uses a different burying system than what the necklace registers.
  9. So recently been to supremezone and got to admit that its probably the coolest looking donor zone, although I saw it didnt really look complete. My suggestions for this zone: 1. Add bankers at the mining part just like there are in wc and smith zone. 2. Add pickupstix next to the summoning obelisk. 3. Add a skilling shop at the centre of the zone. 4. I saw there were farming patches marked on the map but not actually there, idk if this is fixable but would be cool to have farm patches all in one spot right there. 5. Add implings up to dragon randomly flying aroudn the zones and respawning just like they do in rz zone. That is all I can think of now as suggestions, Peace
  10. Hannah

    rename server

    change ateria to XELAscape The meaning behind it: xela is alex backwards Fact: was one of the name alex was going to choose for the server name
  11. Master_Jens

    This time i tried catching 2000 dragon imps and see what you can get. Thanks to Aterias new update dragon imps are now easy to farm. So i wondered how much is a dragon imp worth on average? I used the Huntsman perk granting me a 10% chance to double loot imps From catching 2000 dragon imps i earned 38.728.000 coins This is my loot Dragon Bolt 1998 x 805 = 1.608.390 Babydragonbones 2977 Can't be sold Dragonstones 439 x 22.916 = 10.060.124 Snapdragon Seed 558 x 1.388 = 774.504 Dragon Arrowhead 5392 x 416 = 2.243.072 Dragon Bolt Tips 3080 x 555 = 1.709.400 Dragon Arrow 2783 x 83 = 230.989 Summer Pie 817 x 116 = 94.772 Dragon Dart Tips 7934 x 208 = 1.650.272 Dragon Dart 5522 x 416 = 2.297.152 Dragon Ammy 24 x 14.687 = 352.488 Amulett of Glory 89 x 14.687 = 1.307.143 Death Tiara 7 x 83 = 581 Mystic Robe Bottom 7 x 66.666 = 466.662 Magic Seed 124 x 40.224 = 4.987.776 Dragon Dagger 361 x 25.000 = 9.025.000 Dragon Longsword 196 x 83.333 = 16.333.268 Dragon Bones 218 x 150.000 = 32.700.00 (Depending on grand exchange) deducting the jars from the final total value Imp Jar 2000 x 500 = 10.000.000 I earned 114.569.593 coins from catching 2000 dragon imps Resulting in an average value of about 62.285 coins for a single dragon imp. Results may vary depending on your luck
  12. Alex

    Improve dungeoneering rewards Bonecrusher / Herbicide / Other similar items Ability to add to toolbelt / toggle the effect in the quest tab. New rewards Add a new tier 80 armour set You'll be able to add 'charges' to all of these items, which will give each armour piece better stats while charged. The charges will be given via 'demonic energy' that you'll be able to buy for dungeoneering tokens. 2 energies will give the item 1 charge, or if you have the charge befriender perk, 1 energy will give the item 1 charge; along with 5,000 gold per charge. You'll be able to 'uncharge' the item, returning the energies back to you, but not returning the gold. This armour, while uncharged, will be roughly on par with elite torva, but will not have as good defensive stats. While charged, it will be better than fire torva and slightly less powerful than tier 90 gear (effectively tier 85). Tetsu Inventory icons Shop / price Item stats Imbued item stats Death lotus Inventory icons Shop / price Item stats Imbued item stats Sea singer Inventory icons Shop / price Item stats Imbued item stats Improve / add unique effects to chaotic weapons + off-hands. Add the effects to every dungeoneering reward (that they're supposed to have - many haven't been coded). The following rewards won't be added as they wouldn't be used by players so it'd be wasted dev time: Law staff Longbow sight Amulet of zealots Spirit cape Nature staff Anti-poison totem Scroll of renewal The following rewards will be added: Herbicide Instead of receiving certain herb drops from monsters, you may choose for this item to corrode and destroy them. This provides you with 2x the herblore XP you would have gained for cleaning them. Scroll of life When unlocked, the player will have a permanent 10% chance of recieving the seed back when harvesting farming patches (works on all fruit tree, regular tree and herb patches). Scroll of cleansing When unlocked, the player will have a permanent 10% chance of creating a potion slightly faster and saving the secondary item completely. Scroll of efficiency When unlocked, the player will have a chance of retaining a bar when smithing an item that requires 3 or more bars to smith. Chances of retaining a bar: 50% for bronze 25% for iron 20% for steel 10% for mithril 7.5% for adamant 5% for rune Scroll of rigour Allows you to unlock the rigour prayer Scroll of augury Allows you to unlock the augury prayer
  13. kaitseingel

    Dung Items

    *The "Wield" options doesn't work on the celestial surgebox * You cant store nature runes into the nature staff *anti-poison totem doesn't work,since u still can get poisoned by other player
  14. Iron_Dragon

    Said i never get back into runescape again... But here i am Hi, my name is Dan, will be trying out Grand master ironman. I hardly talk much ingame but i be happy to respond to whispers. Currently working nearly full time, Looking forward to meet you all one day. What else do i add?
  15. Crystal key drop table Common rewards Uncut Gems Draconic Weaponry Wizard Robes (T) Wizard Robes (G) Black Armour (T) Black Armour (G) Adamant Armour (T) Adamant armour (G) Rune Armour (T) Rune Armour (G) Saradomin Armour Guthix Armour Zamorak Armour Heraldic Helm 1-5 Golden Mining Suit Draconic armour Jewellery Elegent Clothing Scarfs Ornament kits Fremennik helmets Fruit tree seeds Miscellaneous rewards Rare rewards 1/16 Miscellaneous rewards Statius's equipment Vesta's equipment Zuriel's equipment Morrigan's equipment Very rare rewards 1/40 Tzhaar Whip Dragonfire Shield Basket of eggs Amulet of fury Brutality whip Dragon hatchet Inferno adze Dragon pickaxe/Gilded Upgraded Crystal key drop table Common rewards Miscellaneous drops Ahrim's armour pieces Dharok's armour pieces Guthan's armour pieces Karil's armour pieces Torag's armour pieces Verac's armour pieces Statius's equipment Vesta's equipment Zuriel's equipment Morrigan's equipment Skilling crates Rare rewards 1/16 Amulet of fury Bandos armour Armadyl armour Saradomin sword CK pack(10) FDB pack(100) Brutality whip Gilded dragon pickaxe Very rare rewards 1/40 Barrows Dye Shadow Dye Third-Age Dye
  16. Guthix

    Nex armour def level

    Nex armour does currently require a defence level of 90.
  17. Voidz

    Here's how I stand on it: Miasmic Barrage would be very nice if it had an increase of speed. It's damage is good right now and I think damage wise, it's in a good place. Bringing up the speed of casting would make it more viable among other bosses. I think before it's released though, it should be tested by Alex, and if he deems it unfair, scrap the idea. I don't think the wand idea should be added because at the moment it's already a passive perk for Elite + Donators. This would take away some useful aspect from the ranks.
  18. Voidz

    Miasmic Barrage

    Courtesy of Mie for bringing this idea to me. She doesn't want to post on forums, in her words she's a, "Silent Pro". The suggestion was to bring up the attack speed of Miasmic Barrage and be able to make it useable with wand. This would make Miasmic Barrage good for bossing and potentially bringing it up to par with Melee and Range. Let me know what y'all think about this below. Any response is greatly appreciated!
  19. Voidz

    So here's where I stand on the topic. Prestige weapons are not the best weapons in slot obviously, and are not extremely expensive for the amount they cost. It takes 250m to fully upgrade to 20th prestige and they're a step or two below best in slot. It's much better the try and get the best in slot, and frankly much easier to obtain. While I wouldn't be against a reform for prestige weapons, it just seems kind of useless when people have easier access to best in slot such as Exquisite Bow, Ascension Crossbows, Seismic Wands etc... Also most people end up getting those weapons anyways.
  20. DrHughez

    Played with the internet and found a way to make a gif of myself being interrogated.
  21. So most of you know about the current Prestige weapons....Or maybe no one remembers them as no one uses them. Well with the introduction of Grandmaster mode, i think that the Prestige weaponsshould be looked at. My idea is that instead of Prestige weapons upgrading with a normal Prestige, they instead have a level based on experience using them, kinda like the Invention skill on Rs3 now. Because as it stands i dont think anyone uses them as much as they could be used. Plus i dont think anyone is going to Prestige on Grandmaster...So it kinda brings them up-to-date.
  22. Guthix

    If we ever will have some ingame items that adds currency to purchase stuff from the donor store we would most likely require an account managing panel to ensure everything processes smoothly. I do not know how much work this would mean to code, but Alex would also have to redo donating aswell. Most player donate for those simply because they want to improve their donor rank and not for the box itself.
  23. Ha

    Yeah, you're right. trust is good. herotozero is currently lending me a barrows dyed rapier, without him trusting me I'd be struggling to PvM. King Bytez offered to sell me his Amulet of Souls for 300m, i told him i cant afford it at the moment but can he hold onto it until i can afford it, he told me to give him what i got and pay him back later which I did. I appreciate that people trust me and I too shall return the trust. It makes the community more friendly like you say. i was thinking long term though, to prevent any issues occurring if the server grows bigger and say we get 100 players online at one time then it will be hard to keep track of whats going on for alex. but for now you're right we don't need to change it. I did also forget as it's been a while that mystery boxes are trade-able anyways, so redeem it on your account then sell it for 500m in 1 trade with the other person.
  24. Voidz

    The only issue I have with this is the fact you mentioned people don't always have trust. One thing I have to say to that is, its a good thing to have people need to be trusted. With this server, I've never run into someone scamming because it's such a small community, and their ass would be covered so fast it isn't even funny. I like the fact that you have to give some sort of trust into people, and you can usually tell who's going to really be trustworthy by their donor status. Also when people are unwilling to trust, they can get a middleman of a staff member, or a high ranked donor, or veteran for example. But yes, you have my full support with the store credit idea! (Obviously hahaha). I love the idea of that credit system for many reasons your posts states, and mine as well. Overall, a wonderful suggestion in my opinion! I love the thought of having a credit system. It would make donation collecting much more simple and time friendly I love this -Voidz
  25. Ha

    Short Version.... Users are discouraged from buying donations if the other people cannot afford the donation they are after and it's not 100% safe. Long version... Read the above posts. You're welcome. I have a feeling alex is going to love me when he reads all this. LOVE YOU MAN... ONLY TRYING TO HELP... DONT HATE ME.... Like you once said to me a long time ago Alex, I ruin everything for you.
  26. Hello, I have a suggestion regarding buying and selling Donations. I like the concept of the $10 donation scroll, that is awarded to the Top Voter as a prize. Although, I feel as though it should be used universally. Currently users have to put their trust in each other, which makes it hard for new users to help each other out, unless one of them has been part of the community for a while and people can vouch for them. The issue with this is, it's not fair on these trusted couple of people to be relied on as I'm sure it must get rather costly for them. If i just joined a server, I would be sceptical to trust another player with my in-game currency that I just worked so hard to obtain in hopes they'd donate for me and vice versa, I'd be sceptical to donate on behalf of someone in hopes they give me in-game currency for it. I think that the $10 donation scroll should be added to the web store and redeemed by the user selling the donation, they can then trade it to the person wanting to buy it. That way when someone is wanting to buy or sell donations, it can be traded without any trust involved as it will then be done in a single trade. once the user buying the scroll has bought it with in-game currency from the other player, they click it and it comes up with a confirmation prompt to redeem it, once redeemed it adds $10 to your wallet on the web-store which you can then use to purchase any item from the web-store rather than the current chosen options. In addition, i feel there should also be a $5 scroll introduced for smaller transactions. You would have to integrate the web-store with the forum log-ins so then other people can't enter your username and purchase something on your behalf that you did not want. You already have the server integrated with the forums to update forum ranks, I am sure you'd be able to integrate the web-store with the forums. I would be more inclined to buy and sell donations if I knew it was 100% safe. Might seem like a pain in the ass to set up but it would eliminate the possibility of scamming which means more users would be willing to participate. in the long run it will save you time and effort as you would not have to investigate every situation with a fine tooth comb to determine if someone has been scammed. *Edit 2* you already have a lot to deal with Alex. Such as users forgetting their passwords, pins, etc. which means you have to investigate that too to determine if they're actually the owner of the account they're claiming to be the owner of. Would be a lot easier for you if things were automated and you did not have to investigate scams on top of everything else you have to do for the server along side coding for it too. *Edit 3* Just looked through the suggestions to see if anyone else has suggested this, should of done that to begin with... Doh! Voidz has covered something else that I did not cover (I did not feel like it needed covering as it sounded like common sense, but I have now decided to mention it too). he has also pointed out that users cannot always find another player that can afford to buy the donations they are after, so with this addition it can be stored on your web-store wallet and you can wait until you can buy another donation from someone else and have the required amount you needed. So not only will it be much safer, it will be more convenient. For example you want a Phat Set which costs $80 but everyone can only afford $10, you can then not get the set. however, with this addition, you could then buy $10 from 8 different people rather than having to change to something that is more 'realistic and affordable'. Giving you the $80 you needed and can buy the Phat Set you was wanting, instead of say 2 Mystery Boxes as they were in your budget range. Check out Voidz Suggestion It is up to you what you do, if you feel like this is a pointless suggestion, I will not be offended so just say.
  27. Thanks buddy and yeah I am a lot better now thanks!
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