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  4. Purplesweetz

    Slayer Tasks

    Slayer tasks are boring, I bought the slayer perk so I can avoid boring tasks, its hundreds of metal dragons, tzharr vyrewatch that don't drop anything, no cooler tasks like jadinkos or strykwyrms or anything relevant to a high level slayer, the hardest thing on there is skeletal wyverns, yawn. could use some new tasks for a breath of fresh air, a LOT of new tasks, I don't always want to do boss tasks
  5. Purplesweetz

    OSRS Zoom

    I and possibly many others play on a laptop and on osrs I can zoom in and out by pinching my laptop pad, it would be cool if u could do this it would make the game easier I don't always have a mouse handy.
  6. Matt

    Original post updated as of May 27th, 2019. What's New? - Updated Playtime - Updated Skills - Updated Total XP - Added Play times as a Goal - Added Special Drops as a Goal More to come soon. 📈 😃
  7. Whatsbofa

    Selling illum, my current price is 7b but willing to negotiate. PM on here or in game/dsicord
  8. Whatsbofa

    Buying Malev armour, pm please
  9. Yeah I'm currently using 2736 x 1824 which is the recommended, and it works perfectly on the OSRS Client. But when it comes to 75% of RSPS's it shows really zoomed out in the picture above.
  10. if you're using a 2k-4k monitor You might have to look online as it could possibly be something with your “Change the size of text, apps, and other items scaling'' not working well with your Display Scale. These are located in Display Settings.
  11. Is your monitor 4k resolution? If so, it's a known problem, not positive what you can do to solve it yet. If it's not, message me on discord and i'll look into it.
  12. So I've been having this issue, it looks normal for some RSPS and then looks very zoomed out (as shown in pic) in others. Has anyone experienced this? How can I stop this from happening? There's no way I can play with a screen so small :s I play on a microsoft computer, windows 10. I have tried playing full screen, and when I do that the screen is extremely zoomed in to where I can not play that way either. I just want it to be like a regular size client upon opening. Any assistance would be nice!
  13. mario64

    we had a discussion about this bug on our discord which included moderator matt , feel free to join in and read up on it , it will clear things up
  14. Ralcane

    Sorry about the current/max hp missinformation i told.
  15. mario64

    update my ruby's work on some bosses like sunfreet and zulrah but i tried them on KBD and blink and they didnt work. im not sure why right now.
  16. mario64

    ruby bolts only do 20% of the bosses current hp bar , not max hp bar. however upon further investigation , it does appear that the spec isn't working. my donor rank disables the HP cost of ruby E specs , but i did see the animation and audio que for the special attack and failed to see any high damage output from the ability.
  17. Ralcane

    Are you sure? pay attention to your health and the enemy health. And it's impossible to hit low with the proc of ruby bow, because they're according with the victim's max health bar. And just checked on BKD they' aren't working. Maybe your hits are too high and u didn't notice.
  18. mario64

    they function perfectly fine for me , maybe you're just hitting low or getting unlucky. but i was using them on zulrah , aterian and nex and they function as intended for me.
  19. When the ruby bolts effect procs, your health gets removed but your tagets HB doesn't go down. I checked on normal crestures and bosses, none of them worked.
  20. Guthix

    Welcome back
  21. Matt

    Welcome back, good to see you again. 😃
  22. mario64

    welcome back !
  23. Danielle

    I remember seeing you a few times, welcome mandy~ ❤️
  24. Danielle

    Hey everyone, I'm most likely going to start being on almost every day again. almost been two years! ~~
  25. Mandy

    Good afternoon, guys! My name is Mandy. I have been playing the server for some time now, however, I just created my forums account. I look forward to meeting all the players and every new player that will join! I enjoying bossing, so if anyone ever wants to go boss and I'm online just let me know!
  26. Alex

    Voidz has resigned due to personal reasons. Thanks for your time here ❤️
  27. PotsMcgee

    Thank you, but I think I have figured it out. I didn't notice I had to actually put my name in the box to the left beforehand. Now I have to figure out why my bank doesn't want to cooperate with BMT even though I used it before with other things. Thank you for offering to help, and I hope to see you out there as well.
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